{Appies at the Eddie Burger & Bar in Banff and a winter inspired dinner at moms}

A long and busy work week demanded we head out to the mountains to destress on the weekend…After a failed attempt at going hiking in Banff (it ended up being WAAY too cold and heavy rain), me and the boy settled for walking around the Banff town and browsing around our favourite snowboard shops (love the new North Face store).

What better way to warm up on a damp and cold fall day than with nice soak in the Sulphur Mountain Hot Springs…picture this plus 50 more people in the pool, it was INSANITY…It kind of reminded me of a shopping mall parking lot during christmas time..finding a spot to sit would require floating about stalking people and empty seats would be filled within seconds..

After about an hour at the hot springs, our appetites beckoned – so we walked over to the Eddie Burger and Bar for a quick snack before our drive back home to have dinner at moms…

How fun would it be to have a whole wall in your house painted in chalkboard paint?…

To wet my palate, I tried this watermelon cucumber mojito…thirst quenching and refreshing…like sipping summer through a straw…

The boy went with his ol’ standby, a nice tall extra spicy Caesar, which he declared to be one of the best caesear’s he’s had..

To go with our beverages, we ordered the Eddie’s sampler which included our choice of 2 sides..we went with the crispy yam fries and onion rings, with a side of chipotle aioli..

I hate to say it but these were SUPER greasy and rather bland…it could  have used more seasoning and a better batter recipe I think..

The yam fries faired better, but were definitely nothing out of the ordinary…The whole time we were oggling over our neighbours juicy burger entrees which looked a lot more tempting and delicious than what we had ordered…next time..

Luckily, back in Calgary, mom had prepared a lovely Sunday night dinner to satisfy our bellies…it started off with this…a golden bread round, a crispy shell and light and fluffy on the inside, wrapped around a wheel of molten brie and topped with a sweet cranberry walnut chutney in the center..

…slice it like a pie to reveal it’s oozy melty contents…

Next we had a mediterranean inspired dish, baby squid stuffed wtih spinich in feta simmered in a flavourful tomatoe rose broth..

…along with some of my mom’s signature herb cheese baguette

For dinner, yellow ochre crescent moons of tender roasted butternut squash

Brilliant green stalks of tender asparagus topped with balsamic reduction and petals of parmesan cheese

…and thick cut filets of flaky melt in your mouth halibut

Too.full.to.move…Now if only my mom had some sort of wheelbarrel service to cart us out of here…

2 Responses to “{Appies at the Eddie Burger & Bar in Banff and a winter inspired dinner at moms}”
  1. Emily says:

    I am going to paint my whole room in chalkboard paint then get some glow in the dark chalk!

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