{Fitness: How I stay in shape during the off season…}

Just because running season is over for me until January (when I start training for the Hypothermic Half Marathon in February) it does not mean that it’s a time for me to veg out and let all the cardio I’ve worked so hard for fade. I know the freezing temperatures and generally icky weather means workout motivation is at an all time low, so here is my list of ways I’m going to keep up my fitness during these cold winter months..


1. MAKE NEW FITNESS GOALS AND SCHEDULE IT IN – After my last race of the year, I like to take a few months off running just to recharge myself physically and mentally and change things up for my body to keep me interested. Something I neglect to do enough during my training is stretching and strength training so I’ve started going back to my bi-weekly power yoga classes at my gym to improve my flexibility, balance and de-stress.


As well as incorporating bi-weekly at home workouts with my Physique 57 DVDs  for overall strengthening with emphasis on the core (My favourite strength training DVD set – touted by Kelly Ripa as one of her favourite workouts). Ballet inspired moves that really work the muscles till its completely fatigued.

Here is a look at a typical week of my new workout schedule:

*please note this should not be a guideline for how you should workout, everyone is at a different level, so consult with your physician or trainer to make a program that will work for you

Mon: 45 min high intensity cardio class and 15 min core

Tues: 30 min Physique express DVD

Wed: 45 min high intensity cardio class and 15 min core

Thu: 1 hour power yoga

Fri: rest

Sat: 1 hour Physique 57 DVD 1 hour high intensity cardio class back to back

Sun: 1 hour choreographed cardio class + 75 min power yoga

I usually plan out my workout schedule on Sunday for the rest of the week and mark it in my agenda with priority as if it were an appointment or meeting with a client. Believe me, there are times I’m just exhausted after an 8hr day at my desk working, but an hour of cardio after work never fails to give me a boost of energy. Pencil it in at a time that is convenient for you, some people like working out first thing in the morning, while I like to go after work in the evening before dinner.

2. EMBRACE THE WINTER WITH OUTDOOR SPORTS: As much as I hate the cold, I have to admit I really love heading out the mountains and snowboarding. I am very much a beginner, but standing in a squat on the board for 5 hours is a great workout to improve your balance and strengthen your core and legs. Don’t like snowboarding, try skating, hockey, skiing or even tobogganing – climbing up those steep hills is hard work!


3. WALK HOME FROM WORK: The past couple weeks has taught me a lesson about our city transit.. it is HIGHLY unreliable. I’m lucky enough that I live within walking distance (about 30 min brisk walk) from my work. Trudging through thick snow is no easy task and great way to add some exercise to your day. Live too far away? How about getting off a couple stops before and walk the rest of the way.


4. RELAX: December is a month of family, friends and lots of good hearty food. Now is not the time to diet. I indulge in all those lovely desserts and delicious christmas entrees this month and make up for it with my workouts. When training starts in January again, I’ll make sure to get back on track.

4 Responses to “{Fitness: How I stay in shape during the off season…}”
  1. Vincci says:

    These are some great tips! I think if graphic design doesn’t work out, you can definitely consider a career in fitness!

    • eatrundesign says:

      Thanks Vincci! Ever since I started running a couple years ago, i’ve been very passionate about fitness, i guess this blog is my outlet, just like my love for food. I love to share what i’ve learned from my own experiences 🙂

  2. Babygirl says:

    These are wonderful tips for dealing with working out in the winter. I certainly don’t like to do it. But your everyday “switch” up of your routine definitely keeps things interesting. I may just try this. Thanks for the tips.

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