{Dining in: Easy Homemade Turkey Wor Won Ton Soup}

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I feel like I’ve kinda been lazy the past week with cooking, choosing to go out/pick up something up to eat instead of making it myself. Even on my walk home from the gym tonight, I found myself overcome with a craving for a big noodle soup and I thought “Oh..maybe I’ll just pick up some take-out“. Then I remembered I had bought a package of wonton wrappers the week before at the T&T asian super market and thought, why not make it myself… So I made a quick stop at the Sunterra on the way home and picked up a package of ground turkey and away I went…

My version starts with 3 diced purple carrots (regular carrots will do, it’s just what I had in the fridge)…

A small can of crunchy water chestnuts chopped to a similar dice…

Add in a diced red onion and the package of ground turkey breast (regular wontons are normally made with ground pork). Mix together in a large bowl with some asian seasonings: tamari/soy sauce, roasted sesame oil, hoisin sauce, rice vinegar and ground pepper. *Sorry, didn’t measure these, kinda just splashed these in*

Using a small spoon, scoop a small amount in the center of the wrapper and dab half the edge with a mixture of 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water (your glue)..

Pinch the wonton in half, starting from the right. I use my right fingers to pinch it closed and the left fingers to push in the wonton stuffing. The first few were a bit wonky, but you get into the groove quickly after.

I made two different styles: one like a large tortellini (fold the crescent in half and seal the edges) and perogie-style where I fold the edges over in a decorative fan pattern.

When you’re all done, I added half a package of these “chinese style wun tun” noodles..

and chopped up broccolini and a couple handfuls of sliced button mushrooms..

..to a large pot of water with two chicken stock boullion cubes. I also sesasoned it with a couple tbsp of tamari, a tablespoon of hoisin, a splash of rice vinegar, and a drizzle of sesame oil.

Then I added my fresh wontons (about 15 of them) and when they started to float to the top, they were done 🙂

The wontons turned out great!! I loved the addition of the water chestnuts which added a nice juicy crunch to contrast the meaty turkey. This was SO delicious and easy to make and the broth was really nice and flavourful. I only ended up using about a 1/3 of the wontons, so I froze the rest on my cookie sheet for an hour, then popped them into a freezer bag to enjoy on another day my “wonton” craving hits again..Bon appetit!

For a more traditional wonton soup recipe, I love this site for asian recipes..

2 Responses to “{Dining in: Easy Homemade Turkey Wor Won Ton Soup}”
  1. Lori says:

    You make it look so easy. I would never have thought to make this dish “last minute”

  2. Babygirl says:

    I love this recipe. Very nice.

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