{Stick a fork in me Jerry..I’m done.}

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful christmas with family and friends.

Three christmas dinners and one christmas lunch later and we’re FINALLY done our holiday feasting…at least until New Year’s Eve. The past few nights we’ve stumbled home in a “i’m-so-full-i-can’t-move” state and hands full of gifts from our loved ones.

Here is a recap of some of the foodie items I received this year..

From the boy, these adorable Le Creuset mini cocottes in a beautiful crimson colour! Perfect for individual portions, side dishes or desserts!

I love MINI kitchen accessories!! The boy knows me so well…

…along with this mini-cocotte recipe book filled with lots of mouth-watering pictures and recipes. I can’t wait to try these out!

The boy’s brother & sister-in-law got me this Best of Food Blogs Book filled with a wide range of creative recipes from food bloggers from around the world..

..and this jar of white truffle honey, one of the items I neglected to purchase when I was in Paris. Yum..I can’t wait to drizzle this on top of my favourite pizza (Potato, arugula, pecorino and truffle honey)…

The gift was tied together with this tiny whisk key chain…kitchen items are so much cuter when they’re tiny, aren’t they?

Some other goodies I got:

  • souvenirs from Nepal
  • lululemon gift card – thanks dad 🙂
  • super soft winter scarf
  • shiny new toaster oven (perfect for baking in smaller batches)
  • the deluxe magic bullet (can you believe I don’t own a blender!)
  • a handmade skirt
  • a pink sapphire and diamond necklace – thanks mom 🙂

and so much more..I hope you all got what you were asking for from Santa 🙂

Onto the food… (Note: I forgot to bring out the camera at all the meal’s except my mom’s, so you’ll have to use your imagination)

On Christmas Eve we headed to the boy’s mom’s house for a traditional turkey and ham dinner with all the fixins (LOVED the spinach salad with candied pecans, wedges of avocado and pomegranate). After opening gifts, we all huddled around the kitchen table brimming with a variety of home-baked goodies (cookies of all kinds, pumpkin chiffon pie, the boy’s mom’s famous dark and milk chocolate turtles with our initials piped in white chocolate) and a selection of our favourite cheeses and savoury dips served with crackers and chips..

My creamy mediterranean dip turned out to be a big hit 🙂 Packed full of crumbled feta, sun-dried tomato, artichoke hearts and fresh basil..I think this may become my new signature dip.

The next day we awoke STILL full from the night before and waddled over to my dad’s for a nice light chinese lunch of stirfried spicy curry vermicelli with julienned veggies (topped with a little of my grandpa’s famous chili sauce) and a bowl of fish and dried scallop soupone of the most amazing broths I’ve ever tasted..

After hanging out with the fam a bit, we drove over to my mom’s late afternoon to begin our christmas dinner feast. Mom had the table set with these tempting sweet treats (shortbread cookies, chocolate pecan butter tarts and chocolate chunk cookies)..

Our first appetizer was a vol au vent with an escargot leek cream filling…it took me straight back to Paris..a decadant filling surrounded by a crispy puff pastry shell..dee-lightful..

..enjoyed alongside a glass of bubbly Prosecco

Next up were these smoked salmon endive boats. Petals of citrusy smoked salmon atop a bed of baby arugula, creamy avocado and a smear of herbed cream cheese on a crisp endive spear..

After our apps, we all gathered in the living room by the warm fireplace to watch Edward Scissorhands (love that part in the factory with the machine cutting those cookies out)…

..while little Jasper enjoyed his new christmas present from my mom…a new kitty jungle gym..it was love at first sight..

A couple of hours later, we were ready for our mains, mom never makes turkey for christmas, so in keeping with that tradition, we had medallions of juicy beef tenderloin, buttery and succulent lobster tail served alongside some veggies..

For dessert we shared a miniature “pound of berries” blueberry pie that I had in my freezer (I had bought at Nectar on their last day). I baked the unbaked pie at 350 for about 45 minutes till it was nice and bubbly and we topped it with a generous dollop of freshly whipped sweet cream…The crust reminded me of their crispy and buttery shortbread cookies..

For our final feast on boxing day, me and the boy drove up to his dad’s place out on the farm for a full day of tasty bite-sized appetizers (artichoke & cheese puffs, spanakopita, warm cheese dip and those addictive raincoast crisps) followed by a family sleigh ride accompanied with a mini keg of baileys and coffee and lots of mugs..the weather was perfect (pics courtesy of the boy’s brother)

…this little guy happily followed us the whole way…

..and the snow looked like a pale shade of lavender from the reflection from the sky…

When we returned, we enjoyed a lovely simple dinner of sesame thai chicken served with rice pilaf, a salad with sliced pears and multi-coloured peppers and sweet corn..

Gah…time to dig out that pair of stretchy pants…

2 Responses to “{Stick a fork in me Jerry..I’m done.}”
  1. Love that food blog book! Will have to pick it up! The pie and the chocolates….how could you!? 🙂 Happy Holidays…looks like you enjoyed it!

    • eatrundesign says:

      haha, i know how could i bring something i didn’t make! i figured i had baked enough this holidays, so it was ok just this one time. Plus my dad had brought that quadruple decker box of bernard callebaut chocolates that i needed to share (or i’d eat them ALL to myself)

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