{Year in Review: A recap of my ten goals for 2010}

1. Run a marathon in under 4 hours Done.

Something I never imagined I would EVER do two years ago. But I did it at the end of May at the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon. After 5 months of training with lots of sweat and hard work, I finished it in 3 hours and 52 minutes! Crossing that feeling was one of my most proud moments in my life.

2. Run a new personal record in a half marathon and 10kmGoal half accomplished.

I say half accomplished because I didn’t actually run any 10km races this year. But I did beat my previous PR on the half marathon (1:52) with a new time of 1:47:24 at the Calgary Policeman’s Half Marathon in April. Then in October I beat that time with the hardest course I’ve ever done at the Canmore Rocky Mountain Half with a time of 1:47:02. 4 half marathons this year and 2 top ten finishes in my division. Maybe I can break the top 5 next year…

3. Do yoga or strength work twice a weekCould have done better.

While I was training I found it difficult to fit in time for either of these. I’d try to get to yoga at least once a week on sundays right after my long runs. But it was getting difficult to complete the class after those really longs runs (my thighs would be screaming). On the days I wasn’t running, I would choose to go to a cardio aerobics class instead of stretching my tight muscles (stubborn). I do enjoy the relaxing yoga classes, but I just don’t get the same “runner’s high” I do from doing a sweaty hour of cardio. Although, I must have done something right this year cause my plantar fasciitis did not put me out training through all 5 races in 2010 🙂

Oh neglected yoga mat…must use you more next year..

4. Get better at snowboarding Not really, since I fractured my rib and only ended up going out a couple of times last year.


Me and the boy got our Sunshine/Marmot Basin cards this year so we’ll definitely be going out to mountains more this year 🙂

5. Eat healthier and eat less sweetsAte healthy…but also ate lots of sweets…

There was lots of this…

and this…

But also this..

and these..

and WAY too much of these..

For the most part I eat lots of the healthy foods, my problem is I also eat lots of sweets too on top of that. I find I eat sweets mindlessly and that keeping track of them in a food journal (not counting calories, just tracking that I get all my servings of grains, veg, protein, fruit intake daily) has helped. For me, no food is off-limits and I eat when I’m hungry. I’ve tried to mindfully eat smaller portions of the sweets (doesn’t always work), rather than eliminating them (impossible).

6. Work on my work portfolio and get a new jobDone!

In April I left my job of 3 and a half years to start a new job back at a small agency in downtown and closer to my home. Much happier and love the people I work with. A win-win situation.

7. Visit my family more oftenGood.

No matter how busy life gets, you always have to make time for family 🙂

8. Get a new carNOT done..

With saving for Paris and then christmas coming along. The long due “to-do” of buying a new car has been delayed yet again…Hopefully in the next couple months when I finish paying off the credit card. *My car is about one step above this…*

9. Go on a trip overseasPARIS!

10 glorious days in the City of Lights…Beautiful sites like the gold gilded Versailles..

..or the view from the steps of the Sacre Couer

Some of the best food I’ve ever had…like this tarte of pommes from the famous Poilane bakery..

…or this artful eclair from Fauchon

I must return if only to have this ice cream again at Berthillon..best.ice cream.ever.

10. Save money Good. Need to stick to it next year.

I did well at sticking to a budget in the months leading up towards my Paris trip. Cutting back on grocery bills, going to Starbucks ONCE a week rather than daily and bringing a lunch everyday saved me lots in the end. I’ll definitely try to stick to this plan again in the coming year to save for our next trip (Spain and Portugal? Italy? Japan? We haven’t decided yet..)

Last night we watched Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations in Spain..OMG…I couldn’t stop salivating watching that episode. Foodie Heaven..

3 Responses to “{Year in Review: A recap of my ten goals for 2010}”
  1. Vincci says:

    Congrats on achieving most of your goals! Hope 2011 is just as great, if not greater!

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