{New Years Resolutions: My goals for 2011}

Happy New Year everyone! In my previous post I did a recap of my progress on my goals for 2010. Now that a new year is upon us, I encourage all of you to make a list of goals you’d like to achieve this year.

Why set goals (personal, health and career)?

  • helps motivate you and provides focus
  • helps you discover your personal path and is a tool to create your ideal life


Tips on writing your own goals:

  1. Make sure the goals you make are attainable – they should also be exciting and challenging to you
  2. Use affirmative language – using words like “i will” rather than “i won’t”, will focus your energy on the desired outcome rather on actions that must stop
  3. Be specific and concise and set a deadline – you can split them up into time frames eg. do within a month, 3 months and a year. Track your progress at the end of each month to see how you did and what you can do to be better
  4. Share your goals – with friends or like me (blogging) which will make you more accountable to achieving your goals
  5. Make sure they are measurable
  6. Don’t be afraid of failing – didn’t reach a specific goal? Learn to embrace your failures and feel good that you attempted and fell short than not trying at all. Tweak your goals accordingly and look back to see what you can do to achieve your goal the next time

Alright, here’s my list…

1. Set new personal records in all three race categories:

  • half marathon (sub 1:45)
  • 10km race (sub 45 minutes)
  • marathon? (sub 3:52) why the question mark? I’ve realized that the half marathon is where I know I can excel and with hard work I would like to try to place in the top 5 this year in my division (the 10km is too short and the marathon is too long). I’m still undecided whether I want to just focus on half marathons or if I do run another marathon I would like to try to qualify for the Boston (sub 3:49)

2. Run 6 or more races this year

In 2010, I ran one full marathon and four half marathons. So this year I’ll up the challenge by doing at least SIX, here are the ones I’m tentatively planning on racing:

  • Hypothmeric Half Marathon – February
  • Run for L’Arche Half Marathon – March
  • Policemans’s Half Marathon – April
  • Calgary Half Marathon/Marathon – May – undecided whether I will run another full marathon this year
  • Melissa’s 22km Road Race – October
  • One 10km race in the Fall
  • One race overseas…

3. Get my fitness certification for choreographed group exercise

I love my cardio classes at my gym and it never crossed my mind that I could teach until the fitness director at my gym approached me to sign up after watching me in classes. I’m a bit intimidated, but it would be so fun to come up with my own routines and pick out my own music.

4. Eat healthier and more eco-conscious (more plants and less meat)

Continue to make use of my trusty juicer..

5. Get out to the mountains more this year (both for snowboarding and hiking)

Perhaps another canoe trip..

Definitely more gorgeous hikes like this..

6. Try a new activity

7. Do something that scares you

One of the mantras you can find on the Lululemon reusable totes..

I think number 3 can fit under this category. Maybe try zip lining?

8. Get a new car

This can’t come soon enough..

9. Plan a big trip overseas

Spain and Portugal? Japan? Italy? It has yet to be decided…

10. Take a pastry/cooking course

Perhaps an evening course at SAIT or classic french dishes at The Cookbook Cooks Company..I’d love to learn how to make one of my FAVOURITE pastries, the chausson aux pommes..

3 Responses to “{New Years Resolutions: My goals for 2011}”
  1. Vincci says:

    Great goals! They all sound like a lot of fun.

    I personally want to try the zip line at COP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-VD6JBXbPw

    I’ve also heard good things about the cooking courses through Chinook Learning Services, and they run much cheaper than Cookbook Co. and SAIT: http://www.chinooklearningservices.com/ContEd/AdultSubsections/WorldCuisine.html

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