{Recipe: Vegetarian sushi w/ sweet brown rice and sweets from Itza Bakeshop}

Happy Sunday everyone! I can’t believe the weekend is almost over. The weather has been TERRIBLE here in cowtown the past couple days. We’ve been having crazy strong winds with sub -30 degrees celsius temperatures. A real chill-to-the-bone kinda cold..

A quick recap of the weekend..

Me and boy went to see the movie Tron, in 3D at the theatre for date night. Verdict? We loved it! Very cool graphics..

Awesome costumes (love Quorra’s outfit, boots and her haircut)..

Plus both of us are slightly obsessed with the music duo Daft Punk, who created the soundtrack for the movie..

Onto the food…I’m going to share a healthy weekday recipe that I like to make every once in a while, homemade vegetarian sushi.

It’s simple and fun to make and you can change up the fillings with any ingredients you like.

  1. Start by cooking up a pot of sweet brown rice in water till tender (one part rice to a little less than two parts water). *Note – sweet brown rice cooks up sticky like sushi rice, unlike regular brown rice*
  2. Add about a tbsp of rice vinegar and 2 tsp sugar to the rice and toss around till all the grains are coated.
  3. Toss in a small handful of black sesame seeds. Let the rice cool. (For me, I just set it outside for about 10 minutes)
  4. Place a sheet of nori on your bamboo mat and spread an even layer of rice. (leaving half an inch on the top and bottom edges). *Tip – cover the mat in saran wrap to save on cleanup later*
  5. Place your veggies in a row near the bottom third of the sheet (tonight I used julienned carrots, beets, green onions and slices of avocado).
  6. Starting from the bottom, roll it up tightly into a nice log and slice with a sharp knife into uniform slices. (I usually eat the ends right away since they aren’t as pretty)

Easy peasy. I think some batons of five spice tofu would be pretty tasty in this too…

I dipped these in a mixture of tamari, wasabi and a squeeze of lemon juice..

I’ve been pretty good all week with limiting my sweets, so on Saturday after my double class at the gym and a quickie lunch, I indulged with this delicious chausson aux pommes from Itza Bakery in the Devonshire building..

A light and fluffy puff pastry parcel with a crisp caramelized exterior filled with chunks of soft cinnamon spiced apple chunks..It was still slightly warm from baking in the oven when I ate it..dee-lish.

I’ve noticed the puff pastry in most of the Calgary bakeries I’ve been to are very different from the ones I had in Paris. This pastry dough has a soft, tender and fluffy brioche like interior with a crispy crust, while in Paris, the pastries are like a thick stack of paper-thin pastry sheets that shatter into hundreds of pieces in your mouth as you bite down on it.

Different styles, but both equally satisfying. This is definitely less messy to eat than the Parisian pastries (I’d always end up COVERED in little flakes of pastry all over my black winter coat).

I also picked up this lovely cinnamon twist… A long braid of puffy cinnamon sugar crusted dough twisted around itself and drizzled with ribbons of icing sugar. I think I’ve found my new favourite cinnamon pastry in Calgary..

Speaking of favourite sweets, my favourite Starbucks pastry is back in stores.. their petite vanilla bean scones..dangerous stuff…good thing they’re mini.

One Response to “{Recipe: Vegetarian sushi w/ sweet brown rice and sweets from Itza Bakeshop}”
  1. Vincci says:

    Mmm… that sushi looks great! Thanks for the tip on the sweet brown rice – will have to try it!

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