{Sweet indulgences at the Kingsland Farmers Market}

On Sunday I braved the cold temperatures and made my way to the oh-so-busy Kingsland Farmers Market for a few essentials (organic skim milk for the boy and veggies) and a few sweet indulgences

Like this giant almond croissant ($2.50) from La Creperie. A stall that specializes in freshly made sweet and savoury crepes as well as a selection of classic french pastries (croissants, croque monsieurs, brioche and tarts). A very popular place when I arrived. I had to elbow my way in to get my order in. The verdict? It was alright. The texture was not as crisp as I like and it even tasted a bit stale. I have to say I prefer the Yann Patisserie’s pain d’amande much more. Perhaps I shall try their brioche or one of their savoury tarts next time as I can’t judge this place on one pastry alone.

The next sweet bite was from the Sugar Pie Bakery. Offering a variety of savoury and sweet single serving mini pies that you eat off a stick. They can be bought individually or by the half dozen fresh or frozen (to bake at home). The crust is made from a family recipe which the owner adapted to create their signature dough.

It was a busy day at this stall and I was left with only two flavours to choose from, so I got one of each ($3.25/pop). The first was the lemon – a creamy lemon custard-like filled pie pop with a nice balance of sweet and tart encased in a crispy and tender pie shell flecked with crunchy bits of golden sugar.

..still slightly warm from the oven..

Not only are these fun to eat, but it was delicious! Everything I love about a pie without needing a fork. The ratio of pie crust to filling was perfect too.

The second flavour I got was the pumpkin – a smooth puree that was perfectly spiced and had just the right amount of sweetness. I can’t wait to try the other flavours (apple with salted caramel sauce, pecan and chocolate) next time I’m at the Farmers Market. You can also find these pie pops at Meez Fast Home Cuisine in Willowpark and Lakeview.

Sugar Pie Bakery on Urbanspoon

No visit is complete without picking up a couple of these decadant alfajors from Coco Karamel.

What is an alfajor you ask? An Argentinian confection consisting of two round sweet biscuits filled with dulce de leche (milk jam) or fruit jam and decorated with coconut, white or semi sweet chocolate or coated with lemon glaze as the basic and traditional flavours.

I got the traditional alfajor ($2.35) – shortbread-like vanilla biscuits filled with dulce de leche (milk jam) and decorated with coconut. As well as the quince alfajor ($2.60) – filled with quince jam and coated with lemon glaze. Each delicate cookie is wrapped in a translucent paper and sealed with their signature sticker.

The perfect late afternoon treat enjoyed with a cup of vanilla chai…Feeling extra indulgent? Be sure to try their semi-sweet or white chocolate covered alfajores. Mmm…

4 Responses to “{Sweet indulgences at the Kingsland Farmers Market}”
  1. Tatiana says:

    I too checked out Kingsland – glad they’re hopping – I love seeing farmers’ markets succeed, as it means more choices for us! I don’t have a big sweet tooth, so all we got was a fantastic cheesecake from Rustic, but I did get some duck proscuitto, duck eggs, and duck confit from Greens, Eggs + Ham and plenty of regular groceries. Also from G,E +H I got a firm goat cheese that was outstanding – most goat cheeses I’ve had were soft and creamy, the hard one was a lovely treat.

    • eatrundesign says:

      Oh! Duck proscuitto and duck confit! I will definitely have to check that out next time I’m there. Mmm…yes the noble farms goat cheese brie is pretty amazing too, we got that one today. There are so many things there I need to try there 🙂

  2. foodtable says:

    Single serve mini pie? Genius idea! Looks cute too like a lollipop. YUM

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