{What I’m eating lately and how I use up a drawer full of apples}

Happy Thursday everyone, the weekend can’t end soon enough!

I’ve been looking forward to today because it’s date night tonight! Me and the boy were thinking of going over to the Dairy Lane Cafe over in the Hillhurst area tonight for their dinner special of “burgers and wine“, but after watching a Venice episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations last night, we might go one of our favourite Italian restaurants, Bonterra Trattoria for some pasta. I’ll fill you in tomorrow on what we decide on.

In the meantime here is a list of eats I’m lovin lately…

Because they’re in season right now and oh so sweet..these delicate oval-shaped korean melons.

A similar flavour to a cantaloupe but a bit firmer.

Enjoyed as an afternoon snack with a small spoon..

A Canadian artisan company hailing from BC, Sea to Sky Seasoning’s Haida Gwaii Salt – salt granules combined with local wild chanterelle and lobster mushrooms. With a heady aroma of mushrooms, its perfect when rubbed onto pork, stirred into risotto, or sprinkled on top of a steaming bowl of noodle soup…

Coconut milk – This is a pic of the low-fat, but recently I’ve come to love the full fat version (which is SO much more satisfying). I love scooping spoonfuls of the cream from the top of the can and melting it into my morning oatmeal and stirring it into my black sesame soup for an after dinner dessert.

Sticking to my New Year’s goals of eating more veggies, I’ve been making tons of soups, stews and vegetable thai curries..My preferred way of eating my greens during the cold winter months.

My new favourite granola, this limited edition Nature’s Path Love Crunch..

Crunchy clusters of flax oats combined with dark chocolate chunks, raspberry, strawberry and coconut. I found this at Community Natural Foods this past weekend and I’m officially hooked. I love sprinkling this over my Heritage Flakes cereal in a pool of vanilla almond milk.

Note to self: must re-create this on my own sometime..

Something I really anticipate around this time of year is the appearance of Nian Gao at the asian supermarkets.

What is Nian Gao? It’s a Chinese New Year’s cake made from glutinous rice that is ground into a paste and combined with brown sugar to create its golden colour. The batter is then steamed to produce a firm cake. It is considered to be good luck to eat this around the this time of year because the name is a homonym for “higher year“. Symbolizing the raising of oneself higher with each coming year and bringing increased prosperity.

There are many variations of this cake throughout China, but the one I am familiar with is the Cantonese version. The best way to enjoy this is to cut the cake into thick wedges, dipping it in an egg wash and pan frying the slices till the outside is nice and crispy and the interior is warm and sticky.

It’s like eating a piece of chewy and sticky caramel..

I assessed my fridge this week and noticed we have an unusually large amount of apples clogging up our fruit drawer. One of my favourite ways to use up a surplus of fruit is to make a crisp..In the mix tonight were some gala and honey crisps..

I loosely followed this recipe here with the addition of 1/4 cup of graham crumbs and 1/4 of shredded unsweetened coconut to the topping. (A mix of rolled oats, whole wheat pastry flour, brown sugar and earth balance vegan butter)

Slice up your apples into uniform wedges and add a squeeze of lemon to prevent them from browning..

Add in a few cubes of crystallized ginger cut into tiny pieces for a sweet and spicy kick..

Toss in a handful of currants and sprinkle the top with some extra cinnamon..Spread your crumble evenly over the top..

..and 50 minutes at 375F, you’re ready to dig in.

Mmm..those caramelized bits on the top are my favourite part..

I enjoyed a serving…or two..ok THREE. Bon appetit.

6 Responses to “{What I’m eating lately and how I use up a drawer full of apples}”
  1. foodtable says:

    Love those Korean melons. So good! And oh my, is CNY coming up fast with the cake out. I need to ask one of my parent for the recipe because we also eat this w/ egg dipped batter. yum!

    • eatrundesign says:

      Yes, I felt like a kid in the candy store at the asian market with all the CNY’s goodies. I definitely need to be go more often, I found a lot of nostalgic foods I used to eat as a kid.

  2. Vincci says:

    I made coconut milk nian gao a few years ago (http://not-a-foodblog.blogspot.com/2008/02/blog-post_18.html)! Might try to tackle it again this year, and/or my mom’s turnip cake recipe…

    • eatrundesign says:

      Holy yum coconut milk nian gao would combine two of my favourites, I’ll definitely give this one a try soon! Thanks for the link! That poached cod sounds amazing too on that post.

      Yes! Turnip cake is my grandpa’s favourite, I like water chestnut cake too! 🙂

  3. love crunch, the name, the pictures, the yumminess- so perfect ❤

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