{Calming the pasta craving with a date night at Bonterra Trattoria}

TGIF everyone!

Last night, me and the boy enjoyed a lovely dinner at one of our favourite local restaurants, Bonterra Trattoria for our much-anticipated weekly date night out. An often busy and bustling restaurant located in the heart of the beltline and specializing in Italian cuisine with a rustic flair.

As you walk towards the entrance, you pass by a lovely enclosed courtyard patio with faded yellow ochre walls. A beautiful place to sit outside in the summertime and enjoy a nice glass of refreshing white wine surrounded by beautiful hanging baskets of flowers and greenery wrapped around wrought iron railings.

image from Bonterra website

Once inside, to your left is their open kitchen, where the chefs are busily working away to fill the orders of their often fully booked room of hungry customers. You are immediately hit with the wonderfully comforting smell of freshly shaved grana padano melting over steaming pasta and the sizzling sound of meat as its being browned in the pan for what will be a delicious entree.

The friendly hostess welcomed us in and sat us at a small table right in between two couples. I grabbed a seat on a comfy red and chartreuse striped couch decorated with matching square pillows and eagerly looked over the wine list for a nice glass of red to start.

I decided to go with the Allegrini Valpolicella and the boy had the Cabernet Merlot. We sipped our stress away while nibbling on crispy thin rods of housemade grissini and a soft and dimply wedge of herbed foccacia dipped in olive oil.

I’ve been here several times and this restaurant is ALWAYS at full capacity it seems. Although it’s no surprise to me since the food here never fails to impress and satisfy.

For our first course, me and the boy shared the grilled octopus and artichoke heart ($18), served on a bed of lightly dressed baby arugula flecked with toasted pine nuts, wedges of roasted potato and thin slices of wild boar chorizo.

The octopus was cooked to perfection, really tender with no signs of rubberiness, something I’ve experienced before with octopus dishes at other restaurants in the past. The meaty artichoke heart was dressed in a citrus vinaigrette and paired perfectly with all the other components of the dish. I was surprised at how large the portion was, this could have been a meal for one person in itself!

Just as I enjoyed my last sip of wine (I ordered another glass of the same to go with my entree), our main courses arrived. I went with one of my favourite pasta dishes, the linguine carbonara ($16). A super simple dish, but one I find is hard to do well in many restaurants. This one however did NOT disappoint.

Tossed with chunks of crispy wild boar bacon, fresh egg, chiles and topped with a mound of whisper thin shavings of grana padano and fresh parsley. Just the right amount of creamy sauce on each strand of al dente pasta. Perfection. You know a dish is good, when you’re half way through and you’re already getting sad about the fact that you’ll be finished soon.

The boy had an equally delicious entree, the pizza con funghi ($17). A mix of four mushroom, smoked mozzarella, garlic chips and topped with petals of grana padano and  drizzles of aromatic white truffle oil.

The boy was kind enough to share a slice of his enormous pizza with me and I can honestly say this was the BEST mushroom pizza I’ve EVER had. It had just the right amount of cheese and a made a nice satisfying crunch from the crispy crust when you took a bite into it. At the same time, the white truffle oil fills your nose with its blissfully earthy scent.

After dinner, we passed on the dessert menu (although the tiramisu is awesome here) and instead grabbed a single scoop of mint chocolate flake gelato at Amato Gelato on Kensington Road.

Oh how I love date nights. A great excuse to enjoy deliciously indulgent food, be silly and forget about the stresses of the day 🙂

Bonterra Trattoria – 1016 8 Street SW  |  Phone: (403) 262-8480

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2 Responses to “{Calming the pasta craving with a date night at Bonterra Trattoria}”
  1. David says:

    I had the linguine carbonara there too! Sooooo goood! *drool*

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