{11 Things I’m lovin’ lately…}

1. Walking home at dusk.

There is something so relaxing about watching the beautiful wash of pastel colours in the sky – a great way to end the day..

Looks like I’m not the only one trying to keep warm in these chilly temperatures..

Brr…these Canadian geese are tough little guys..

2. Enjoying warmed creme fraiche scones w/ fresh dill and feta alongside my salads at lunch..

No more store-bought scones for me.. Recipe adapted from here

3. Indulging in a Chocolate Chili macaron from the Farmers Market as a weekend afternoon treat..

Filled with a spicy dark chocolate ganache (the heat is from the Espelette peppers)…

Decorated with a crimson heart for Valentine’s…

*crunch* The flavour is reminiscent of a mexican hot chocolate

Another favourite is the lavender macaron with white chocolate ganache. When I eat this one, I imagine myself in Paris on a beautiful warm Spring day..

4. Spreading Noble Meadows Farm soft goat cheese on everything..

So smooth and creamy..

Love it with Sable and Rosenfeld’s 3 Pepper Blast sweet dip on organic Mary’s Gone Crackers in the onion flavour..

I also make sure to pick up a 6 pack of pastel coloured eggs too (Did you know the shell colour is different depending on the breed of the chicken).

5. Anticipating the release of Radiohead’s new album, The King of Limbs. I pre-ordered mine which I’ll be able to download this Saturday 😀

6. Baking for coworkers and seeing the plate empty before lunch 🙂

7. Wearing my new silver gingko leaf earrings I got from the boy for Valentine’s from one of my favourite stores Purr.

8. Listening to food-related podcasts and audiobooks at work. Current favourites include KCRW Good Food and the Splendid Table. Lovin’ Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw – that part about his crazy fling with the cocaine-addicted rich bitch in the Caribbean is hilarious.

9. Rustic individual fruit pies from Bliss & Co. Best pies in the city. Period.

Pre-order on the phone and get them warm out of the oven. The apple is my fave 🙂

Just look at those large chunks of caramelized apples…

10. Dreaming of owning one of Pioneer Woman’s limited edition Kitchenaid mixers… Holy SWOOON..

One can dream…

11. Admiring the gorgeously whimsical and feminine wedding dresses at BHLDN. From the folks behind Anthropologie.

They almost make me want to get married..

2 Responses to “{11 Things I’m lovin’ lately…}”
  1. Lindsay says:

    omg love the last two of your list. well love them all, but the last two the most (!). I wonder if you can order your own kitchen aid all decorated the way that you can order nike’s in the colours you want. *dream* great post!
    p.s. have you ever attempted to make macarons? I am trying to psych myself up, but they just seem so daunting…

    • Hi Lindsay, I think the Pioneer Woman was actually contacted by Kitchenaid since she promotes them so much on her site. She got to work with a designer to create the look she wanted. SOO amazing! That would be a great idea if we could personalize our own Kitchenaid!

      I have to say no, I have not yet attempted to make them. I have taken the class and have the recipe (and learned a lot of great tips to make the perfect macaron), but quite frankly, I am still intimidated. I think I just have to face my fears and give them a try sometime in the next couple weeks.

      I’ll be sure to post a step-by-step when I do 🙂

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