{Dining out: Date night at Without Papers Pizza and a baking disaster..}

Date night involved the newly opened Without Papers Pizza in the lovely neighborhood of Inglewood (aka our hood). Owned by the same folks who run Sugo -a cozy Italian eatery just down the stairs next door (place to check out if you haven’t already).

The restaurant is a laid back casual pizzeria offering handcrafted old and new world pies. The menu is simple, a few appetizers, mains include freshly made pizzas and calzones complimented with an affordable selection of wine and beer. For dessert, they feature house-made ice creams in four different flavours and even floats made with local soda from the Grizzly Paw in Canmore.

After reading Julie’s dining experience, me and the boy could not wait to try it out… Once inside, the place is unrecognizable from its previous tenants (Nectar Desserts). Beautiful earth toned tiles, unique artwork, projections of vintage films on the walls, a large open kitchen and bar area and plush booths lining the walls of the space.

It was a bustling night, but we managed to grab a couple of seats over in a booth. The perfect viewing area to check out their cherry coloured wood-fire oven and chefs as they toss and stretch the pizza dough by hand.

For our starter, we went with Michelangelo’s pork and beef meatballs ($11). A bowl of warm and juicy nuggets of meat bathed in a tangy tomato sauce and topped with tendrils of melted cheese. Hearty and flavourful with a “just like mom made ’em” sense of satisfaction when you eat them. (Sorry, picture was too dark and blurry to post).

For our mains, it was a tough choice between the fresh calzone or pizza, but in the end, pizza won.

I decided to go with the Parma ($17) – Proscuitto di Parma, fresh arugula, boccocini and tomato sauce. Complimented with a glass of their Sauvignon blanc.

The boy went with the equally tasty Hutch ($17)- spicy cacciatore salami, spicy calabrese salami, pepperonata, mozzarella, boccocini and tomato sauce.

A bubbly, light and crisp crust and just the right amount of toppings. These seem to hold up better than the pies at Famoso and are just as delicious as our current local fave, Una Pizza + Wine.

For dessert, me and the boy shared a couple generous scoops of their house-made strawberry ice cream ($7). Creamy, smooth, not too sweet, real berry flavoured deliciousness. Such a nice change from those hot pink artificially flavoured versions at the ice cream parlours..

A bit pricier than Famoso in Mission, but we left feeling satisfied and will definitely be returning soon. A welcome addition to the neighbourhood 🙂

Without Papers – Upstairs, 1216 ~ 9th Ave SE  |  Tel. 403.457.1154  |  Open Tuesday to Sunday: 5pm to 11pm

Without Papers on Urbanspoon

So.. I have to make a confession..

On Saturday, I finally faced my fears and attempted to make one of my favourites sweets, the french macaron

I followed the recipe I got when I had taken a macarons class at the now closed Nectar Desserts..

Everything looked fine and dandy going into the oven..and then..

disaster hit..EGADS! A miserable mis-shapen macaron mess! Try to say that 5 times fast..

And all I was left with was a kitchen counter littered with sticky bowls, spoons and spatulas..

Oh well.. at least they tasted pretty good crumbled over some ice cream…sigh..

Tune into my next post for a much more successful attempt at a recipe using up the extra yolks..

7 Responses to “{Dining out: Date night at Without Papers Pizza and a baking disaster..}”
  1. Lindsay says:

    oh no! what happened? they still looked yummy and like they were almost there…

    • well a couple issues, i think it was a myriad of reasons..not grounding the almonds enough, overheating the sugar, having a lot of the sugar sticking to the side of the bowl while whipping in the mixer with the egg whites, maybe not letting them rest enough either to allow a skin to form..

      sigh…yea, i’m gonna do more research on the net to troubleshoot my problems.

      they did stay taste good, ugly and all 🙂

  2. OlieAndBread says:

    Oh damn it!!! Try to put a little bit of sugar and a little more rest… but try it over and over again!!

    I like your blog 😉

  3. Rebekah says:

    You didn’t let them rest. 20 minutes, minimum!
    Don’t worry about the grinding, it looks like you did it well, and the sugar temperature is important but don’t worry about some sticking to the sides of the bowl, the recipe accounts for that.
    Hope the next batch turns out better!

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