{Our weekend in Jasper Part II}

Leaving off from Part I here.

At exactly 4:30pm, our hotel shuttle picked us up for the 30 min ride back to the Fairmont and then..drama.

Within moments of getting onto the main highway, we witnessed the coach in front of us blow its tire! We watched as it created a thick black streak on the road and blinded our view with a huge plume of foul smoke from the burning rubber. Our driver honked several times to get his attention, but the bus kept going! There was no way the driver didn’t know cause the bus was literally tilted to one side.

Within the next few minutes, the stinky smoke dissipated as the rubber had melted away to reveal a flurry of sparks as the bus was scraping against the metal wheel! Holy hazard! We were still a good 15-20 minutes from town and there was no way this bus was going to make it.

Eventually the bus finally stopped and we crammed 16 of the 32 passengers onto our small shuttle to take them back to their hotel in town.

It’s a good thing no one was hurt!

After the fiasco, we were glad to be back at our cabin. We even had some visitors welcome us..

After our long day on the hill, we eased our achy muscles with a stop at the hotel’s health club for a dip in their steamy outdoor pool and warmed up in their SUPER HOT steam room.

At 7:30, we headed downstairs to Cavell’s (the same place we had our breakfast) for a nice dinner..

We started off with a selection of miniature buns with a trio of butters: regular, fruity blueberry and vanilla bean.

YUM! I absolutely loved the vanilla bean butter. It tasted just like a vanilla ice cream (minus the excess sweetness). This is a great idea for pancakes or french toast…note to self..

For our appetizer, the boy and I shared their most popular dish, the lobster ravioli. Plump house made pasta rounds filled with chunks of succulent lobster, topped with a mix of exotic mushrooms (morels, shitake and shaved black truffle) and finished with a fresh herb oil. A great way to wake up our hunger..

For my entrée, I went with their daily risotto off their Green Cuisine menu. Dishes that source sustainable, locally grown and organic products. Today’s feature was a mix of forest mushrooms, broccolini, asparagus stirred in with chunks of mild bleu cheese and topped with micro greens.

Creamy, decadent and flavourful. Exactly what I was craving..

After listening to the diners next to us enjoy their meal, the boy decided he needed to get one of their signature flat breads. This one was draped with petals of smoked salmon, slices of avocado and fresh basil. The crust of this flatbread is unlike any other we’ve had – super thin, but super crisp, almost chip-like in texture. Every bite you took made a nice satisfying loud crunch.

For dessert, our server surprised us with a platter of petit fours of their most popular desserts for our anniversary. It included a selection of house made dark chocolate truffles filled with a rich and creamy ganache, bites of apple rhubarb crumble and wedges of their rich chocolate torte.

After our delightful dinner, we headed upstairs to the cozy lounge by the fireplace laughing over a trivia board game while sipping on a blueberry tea..

..the boy had the Fairmont Bloody Caesar with spicy horseradish and garnished with a plump shrimp on the rim..a yummy twist on one of our favourite cocktails.

The next morning, we opted not to go skating (waaay too cold) and instead headed into town to explore the quaint shops and have some lunch..

As per the recommendation of a local working at the lodge, we tried out Papa George’s Restaurant for some tasty local cuisine.

Located in the historical Astoria hotel, Papa George’s features a variety of hearty Canadian inspired comfort dishes in a charming rustic environment.

Me and the boy both started off with a bowl of their Canadian onion soup.

Delicious spoonfuls of caramelized onions, melty tendrils of cheddar swimming in an Alberta ale infused cream broth. The perfect thing to warm up on a chilly day like this.

For my main, I could no resist getting their wild game burger. Ground venison, elk and bison on a fluffy sesame seed bun with all the fixins.

Now that is one good lookin burger..

And yes..it tasted as good as it looked. A super juicy patty and filled with tasty fresh ingredients.

The boy went with the Shepherd’s Pieground Alberta lamb stewed with braised vegetables in a Guinness broth topped with creamy mashed potatoes.

Not the best Shepherd’s pie he’s had, a bit lacking in flavour as per the boy’s critique. But he still gobbled it all up.

For the road trip back, I picked up a soy London fog at the Bear’s Paw Bakery..Even though I was stuffed, I could not resist picking up a couple sweets for later..

like this giant freshly baked sticky cinnamon bun..

and this “health” bar…health in quotations because I’m pretty sure it’s not all that good for you. A chocolately mix of rolled oats, crisp rice cereal, seeds and coconut. Num..

Au revoir Jasper!

Till we meet again..

After watching me happily devour my burger earlier in the day. We made a pit stop in Banff at the Eddie Burger + Bar to get the boy his burger fix..

Now that’s some tasty advertising..

Nothing goes better with a good burger than a beer right?

After much contemplation, the boy settled on the Kiwi burger (created by famous Canadian chef, Ned Bell) – a New Zealand lamb burger, green lettuce leaf, caramelized onions, gouda, cranberry honey mustard and roasted garlic aioli on a classic bun.

The boy looked like he was on cloud nine and the self-declared burger connoisseur said this was one of the best burgers he’s ever had. Possibly even better than the Filet Mignon burger at Laurier Lounge.

The skinny fries on the side were nothing to write home about..too greasy for my taste..

We also shared these $5 pound of BBQ wings since they were on special..

Oh boy..a weekend filled with indulgences but I must say I’m looking forward to my giant salads back home.

I’m already anticipating our next snowboarding weekend coming up this Friday in Revelstoke! Stay tuned..

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