{Recipe: Baked parmesan dill crusted tilapia and a wintery quinoa lentil pilaf}

Hi everyone,

So I’m getting PRETTY sick of these ridiculously cold temperatures (seriously, it’s March, enough already!). But I had an epiphany last night…Snowboard goggles are a lifesaver!

It was about 7pm, and I had just finished doing my taxes and could not find a cab in sight to take me home. So I sucked it up and took the hour-long walk home in -35C. There was no way I’d make it had I not wore my trusty goggles 🙂

Yea, I kinda looked like a lost snowboarder (minus the board), but its better than the alternative of having my face freeze off.

This long walk home allowed me time to build up my appetite for dinner.

Our fridge is a little slim pickins since I’ve cancelled our SPUD order for the 2nd week in a row (we’re out of town again this weekend). So I started grabbing random things from the freezer, fridge and pantry and got creative.

On tonight’s menu, a Citrus Baked Parmesan Dill Crusted Tilapia Filet .

I started by mixing about 1/2 cup of panko (japanese breadcrumbs), 1/4 freshly grated grana padano and leftover mimolette cheese (you can use parmesan), 1 tbsp fresh dill, salt and pepper.

I then squeezed the juice of one small blood orange into a shallow bowl and made an assembly line.

I dipped my tilapia filets into the orange juice, then into the crumb mixture and onto a foil lined baking sheet (I think dipping in egg wash would have helped the “sticking” factor).

Sprinkle each fish with more crumbs on top and bake at 425F for about 15-18 min till the crust is nice and golden (I baked this in my toaster oven).

While that was cooking away, I boiled up a pot of equal parts quinoa and french lentils in a pot with some chicken stock to make a tasty pilaf to accompany the fish.

But I thought I’d jazz it up a bit..

I started by shelling a bag of steamed edamame (one of those large snack pouches from Costco), this yielded about a 3/4 cup. Set aside.

Chopped up 2 shallots, a couple of cloves of garlic and a jalapeno pepper (removed seeds). Sautéed this with some olive oil in a pan.

Along with a handful of roughly chopped raw walnuts, dried currants (soaked in hot water for 5 min) and one diced apple..

Combine all the ingredients together and toss with a simple dressing made up of tahini (sesame paste), apple cider vinegar, light miso and a touch of olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.

This would make the perfect post-workout dinner, packed with muscle-building protein that would aid in recovery as well as keeping you full and satisfied.

Serve alongside the baked tilapia and a serving of steamed broccolini..A well-balanced and healthy dinner 🙂

As I type this out, Jasper is in a trance watching my fingers click away at the keyboard…He always sits alongside my laptop when I blog 🙂

Funny little guy.

2 Responses to “{Recipe: Baked parmesan dill crusted tilapia and a wintery quinoa lentil pilaf}”
  1. yum!!! this looks absolutely amazing!

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