{Recipe: Honey rosemary cornbread muffins}


I’m off to the mountains for the boy’s company ski trip in Revelstoke this afternoon for a weekend of snowboarding fun, so I’ll leave you guys with a tasty recipe for honey rosemary cornbread muffins.

You can make these sweet or savoury and it goes great with some homemade whipped vanilla bean butter or alongside a steaming bowl of hearty stew.

It’s super easy and comes together in a pinch and the recipe makes a perfect dozen.

Start by mixing your dry ingredients in one bowl: unbleached flour, cornmeal, sugar, salt, rosemary and baking powder.

In another bowl, mix your wet: melted butter, 2 large eggs, raw honey and whole milk (I used almond milk). Stir in the wet mixture into the dry and stir till just combined. Nothing ruins fluffy muffins like over mixing.

Spoon your batter into a pan lined with unbleached paper muffin cups..

and bake for 15 minutes in a 400F oven till the edges are slightly browned.

Allow these to cool on a rack.

Or if you’re like me, dig into it right away by tearing it in half and enjoy the piping hot muffin melted with a small pat of butter.

These turned out great. The addition of rosemary to the original recipe adds a nice elegant touch to this classic muffin.

Fluffy, light with a nice chew from the cornmeal. After these have cooled, you can pop these into a plastic zip bag and put them in the deep freeze to enjoy whenever the craving hits.

I followed the recipe here pretty much exactly, but subbed in unsweetened almond milk for whole milk and adding about 2-3 tsp of rosemary to the batter.

I looked up a bunch of recipes, but I liked that this only used 1/4 cup of butter as opposed to the usual full cup. These still turned out tasty and moist minus the extra fat. You could probably use a mix of half and half and regular milk for the whole milk too.

I bet these would be awesome with some crispy chunks of bacon and sharp cheddar, or subbing in lavender for the rosemary. Get creative 🙂

Alright, off to the mountains, I heard there is about 40cm of new snow and it will be above zero all weekend! Yea!

See you guys when I get back for an update 🙂

One Response to “{Recipe: Honey rosemary cornbread muffins}”
  1. Love the idea of adding rosemary to the mix. Sounds delicious! A perfect way to jazz up corn muffins. Have a good weekend!

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