{A visual diary of our weekend in Revelstoke}

On Friday afternoon, we loaded up onto a Backside Tours bus with a bunch of the boy’s co-workers and friends to head out on a 5 hour ride to Revelstoke for a weekend of snowboarding..

The drive out to BC was absolutely beautiful, even out of the tinted bus window..

The bus theme was “nerdy attire”, the boy rocked it with a periodic table shirt, star wars belt buckle and a sweet digital calculator watch. I threw together a last minute “running nerd” outfit decked out in a coordinated white lululemon outfit with knee high socks, all my medals and pig tails.

Here we are at the border…all booze under the bus everyone!

As with all of British Columbia, grizzly bears appear on EVERYTHING here.

Our guide told us Revelstoke has gotten over 800cm of recorded snow this winter! Craziness..

The snow banks in the residential areas were almost as high as the houses themselves!

We turned in early so we could head out bright and early on Saturday to get a full day of boarding in.

The resort is relatively new (only in their fourth season) and boasts North America’s highest lift service vertical at 5,620ft high. It’s also the only resort world-wide to offer cat, heli and backcountry skiiing from one village base.ย It’s a pretty advanced hill with mostly black and blue runs.

We had to take 2 gondolas and one chair lift to get us to the top.

The bottom of the hill was nice and clear, but once we got up to the top it was a whole different story..

Here I am about to take the plunge..gulp..

The weather was above zero all weekend and the hill was completely ungroomed. The mountain got about 40cm of snow that week alone!

We were knee-deep in fluffy fresh uncarved snow which made it quite the workout. Luckily falling down was like landing in a large marshmallow puff ๐Ÿ™‚

Getting up difficult since your hands had nothing to push off of. There were times I’d just flounder around like a fish out of water trying to get up which I’m sure garnered laughs from people riding the chair above.

No complaints here though. Lots of the people on the trip declared it to be their new favourite hill and the best conditions they’ve ever seen.

Early afternoon, we headed over to the midbase lodge for some fuel and to share pitchers of beers (They made kick ass soups here – my fave was the spicy thai chicken soup).

As the day progressed, it started to clear and the mountain revealed its breathtaking views..

On Sunday morning, I popped an ibuprofen and we did it all over again. The snow was a bit stickier since the sun had melted the snow, but we were able to get a lot more speed than the day before ๐Ÿ™‚

*camera phone pics..forgot my camera in my luggage on Sunday*

For brunch, we headed into downtown..a quaint little neighbourhood lined with brick buildings.

We stopped into the Main Street Cafe for some eggs bennie and hashbrowns.

I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day..

Twas an amazing weekend! We returned home late Sunday night exhausted and ready to book a full body massage for our achy muscles.

Sigh..back to reality.

2 Responses to “{A visual diary of our weekend in Revelstoke}”
  1. Your photos are gorgeous! Looks like a great weekend!

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