{Dining out: Lunch at Vintage and Dinner at Bistro Twenty Two Ten}

Happy Wednesday!

Just wanted to do a quick recap of a couple of the restaurants I tried out this past week for Big Taste.

For those of you not familiar, Big Taste is an annual event held by the Downtown Calgary association that includes 11 days of dining at a variety of local restaurants with 3 course menus at a set price. Lunches are about $15 – $25 and dinners range from $35 to the five course gourmet option for $85.

It’s a great opportunity to try out a bunch of restaurants at a great value 🙂

Our first stop was lunch at Vintage Chophouse and Tavern, a contemporary steakhouse located in the heart of the beltline area.

Me and my dining guests had the intention of ordering their Big Taste feature menu (soup, vintage lasagna and dessert for $25). But after looking over their menu (and doing some research on restaurant reviews), I knew I had to go with the signature Vintage truffle mac and cheese ($12 for a half order) – a bubbly dish of perfectly cooked spiral pasta bathed in a thick truffle cream sauce and smoked cheddar.


This was unbelievable! Quite possibly one of the best mac and cheeses I’ve ever had. I’d make just a couple little tweaks like adding some dijon for a spicy kick and maybe a crispy breadcrumb top (like they do at Janice Beaton’s FARM). This was very rich so I was glad I went with the half order.

Enjoyed alongside a nice glass of refreshing and crisp Riesling 🙂

*You also have the choice of upgrading this to a LOBSTER truffle mac and cheese for $37 if you’re feeling EXTRA indulgent*

To balance the richness of the pasta, I had a side of mixed greens ($5). Organic baby greens lightly dressed in a white balsamic and honey vinaigrette and topped with carrots, celery and dried cranberries.

Vintage Chophouse and Tavern – 320 11 Avenue SW  |  Phone: 403-262-7262

By the time dinner rolled around, I was ready for round two of dining out.

Next stop: Bistro Twenty Two Ten – a stylish bistro featuring french inspired market driven cuisine in a quaint historic brick building in the heart of the Mission district.

We started off with a basket of sliced baguette along with this trio of accompaniments – balsamic and olive oil, creamy butter and fleur de sel.

For my appetizer, I went with the crab croquettesbite-sized rounds coated in a crisp golden brown panko crust with a smear of sriracha aioli and chives.

The boy chose the duck confit poutinemelty Montreal cheese curds, gravy and shredded tender duck atop a bed of crispy fries. The boy was absolutely smitten with this dish – the ultimate comfort food.

For my entrée, I had the tarte flambean Alsatian style pizza with bacon, creamy goat cheese and caramelized onions. A thin crisp crust (not bubbly and doughy like italian pizzas). My taste buds were buzzing from all the delicious flavours..and yes..I ate every last bite.

The boy had the herb crusted codserved atop a white bean and tomato pistou and a wedge of toasted baguette with smoked gruyere.

And then, my favourite part of any meal..dessert! Naturally I always tend to lean towards the one with chocolate. So I got the “vingt deux dix” – a slice of moist chocolate beet cake under a layer of peanut butter creme, caramelized banana and creme anglaise.

Peanut butter, chocolate and banana..always a winning combination in my books..

The boy had the tarte au citrona sweet pastry shell filled with luscious lemon curd and topped with coconut chantilly cream..We enjoyed our sweets with steaming pots of organic Mighty Leaf Earl Grey tea.

The perfect end to a full day of eating out..

Bistro Twenty Two Ten – 2210 4 Street SW  |  Phone: 403-228-4528

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