{Celebrating la jour de macaron at Yann Patisserie}

Happy Jour du Macaron or Macaron Day!

An annual celebration created four years ago by the renowned french pastry chef Pierre Hermes and other members of the Association Relais Desserts to raise money and awareness for various charities.

Today between 9:30 – 2pm, Yann Haute Patisserie were offering free macarons to celebrate jour du macaron in exchange for an optional donation to the “Brown bagging it” organization – a program that provides lunch to homeless children and youth.

They had many colourful options, but I knew I had to get the PBJ. (It was the last one and the girl next to me was just about to purchase it just seconds after I had pointed to it).

A velvety peanut buttercream surrounding a dollop of blackberry jam in the center, sandwiched between two violet shells (purple just happens to be my favourite colour too)..

Dusted with flecks of shimmery edible metallic copper dust..

Yum..probably my favourite flavour yet from this patisserie..a sophisticated twist on a classic flavour combo..

Of course, I couldn’t leave without picking up a couple of their freshly made pastries too..The first was this pillowy sugar-coated beignet..

Draped in a thick dark chocolate ganache and topped with crushed hazelnut pieces..

The surprise is in the center…a smooth, nutty and rich hazelnut creme…oh my…Seriously these beignets are amazing..

Lastly was this beautiful strawberry mint pistachio tartlet..

A sweet pate sable shell filled with a deep green pistachio frangipane, a layer of mint creme and topped with a crown of super sweet and juicy strawberries and crunchy pistachios..

Finished off with a sweet jam glaze to give it that shiny jewel-like look to it..

Exploding with the fresh flavours of summer…reminding me that spring is “hopefully” right around the corner..

2 Responses to “{Celebrating la jour de macaron at Yann Patisserie}”
  1. Tracey says:

    Hey Jen,

    Saw an article today and thought back to the post of your imperfect macarons. If you read Apartment Therapy you’ve probably already seen it but just in case, http://bravetart.com/blog/MacaronMyths

    I quite like your blog, lots of yummy inspiration!


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