{A weekend of eats..}

Hey guys,

Here is a recap of some of our eats this past weekend.

On Friday for date night, we headed over to Shijiki, a japanese noodle and sushi restaurant on Centre Street for a late dinner.

We started off with their tako yaki ($6) – creamy ball-shaped japanese wheat dumplings filled with pieces of grilled octopus and topped with a sweet takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise and shavings of dried bonito.

These were tasty and comparable to the ones at Globefish. Our only complaint was they were a bit cold, these taste best when they’re served immediately after cooking.

Next we shared one of their GIANT bowls of ramen noodles. This one was the Shio ramen ($10.60)chewy noodles bathed in a savoury broth with pork, green onions and boy choy. They were served with a few condiments: a small bowl of toasted sesame seeds with a wooden pestle, fried slices of garlic and a shaker of japanese soup spice.

The noodles and soup base were tasty. I think the broth could have been a more flavourful (this is in comparison to those tasty aromatic pho noodle broths). The thing that stood out was the super tough and chewy pork (this whole bowl only had two measly slices). Completely lacking in flavour and added nothing to the dish.

Other unpictured items we ordered (sorry! was so hungry I forgot):

Spider Roll ($13.80) – an 8 piece special roll filled with soft shell crab, mayo, cucumber, lettuce and flying fish roe

and the

Rainbow Roll ($11.80) – an 8 piece special roll filled with salmon, prawn, avocado, flying fish roe and capelin roe

Overall, we could not help but comparing this place to our favourite sushi spot, Globefish. In the end, here were our thoughts:

  • Looks wise, Globefish is definitely the winner. Always an impressive presentation and beautifully wrapped sushi rolls. We found the ones at Shijiki rather amateur looking
  • Prices are similar at both restaurants, a little pricier at Globefish
  • Shijiki takes reservations, whereas at Globefish you can’t, so you end up waiting anywhere from 30 min to an hour for a table
  • Service? Both places the staff was quick and friendly

In the end, we concluded that we’ll suck it up and deal with the wait for the always consistently delicious Globefish.

On Saturday after the gym, me and the boy braved through the 25cm of thick heavy wet snow to get our brunch fix at our usual Red’s Diner at around 2pm. (Haven’t been here in AGES)..

As always, I got the Vegan Tofu Scramble ($11.49)w/ tomatoes, roasted red pepper and spinach, a side of multigrain toast (awesome bread), a small fruit bowl and a unpictured single buttermilk buckwheat pancake with whipped butter and maple syrup (gawd..I forgot how good these are). Seriously. Best. Pancakes. Ever.

The boy had the Red’s Big Breakfast ($11.99) – 3 Eggs your way with a buttermilk buckwheat pancake, bacon and breakfast sausage and multigrain toast.

As usual. Awesome service and great food. What more do you need?!

That night, we had a couples night in. I was a little crunched on time and since there was only four of us, I made a quick stop at Inglewood’s Choklat..

Two of their “Best chocolate cupcakes ever“…yep..that’s what they’re actually called..

Pricier than other specialty cupcakes you can find locally, setting you back $3.99 per cupcake.

Made fresh daily in store in a limited quantity. They recommend you reserve your order online to guarantee yourself one and prevent disappointment of having them sold out.

Intense chocolate flavour and a really unique texture..not fluffy and cake-like, more like a light melt-in-your-mouth mousse like batter. The frosting was a thick and decadent milk chocolate.

This was the perfect accompaniment to a mug of Bailey’s coffee while watching one of our favourite Christmas classics, Bad Santa (the weather on Saturday put us in the mood for a holiday movie).

Other eats I’m lovin..

1. A little present from one of my coworkers..this caramel covered marshmallow from Les Truffes, a small specialty chocolate store in Bankers Hall.

Soft, chewy and sweet..a delicious combo. The perfect afternoon treat after lunch.

Note to self: must replicate these at home soon…

Don’t wanna wait for me to post a recipe? You can find one here.

2. Giant organic watermelon radishes…pickled and enjoyed straight outta the jar. I made them with the same recipe I used last summer..

3. Post-run breakie at the Lazy Loaf and Kettle Cafe and Bakery on Sundays – their custom omelette and housemade kettle bread are killer. The perfect combo of carbs and protein to repair those muscles after our long runs. All washed down with a giant mug of green sencha tea…bliss.

4. Changing up the morning routine with a Caramelized Apple Cardamom Dutch Baby (yes..I REALLY like breakfast)…recipe tomorrow 🙂

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