{Spring makes a comeback}

I awoke this morning to the suns rays peeking through my blinds, shining a striped pattern of light onto my duvet. The timing could not be better since it’s the start of the Easter weekend..

After a sweaty metabolic interval training class at the gym, I strolled over to a Starbucks for my weekend fix..a unsweetened passion iced tea…a great thirst quencher on this bright and sunny day.

And a spinach feta egg white wrap..nothing special here. Most of the shops are closed today for Good Friday, so this would have to do. Enjoyed while sitting on a bench in the park basking in the sunshine (gotta get some of that vitamin D) and listening to the sounds of birds chirping in the trees.

In Calgary, days like these have been rare this year, so I try to enjoy it whenever I can. I’m crossing my fingers for this good weather to stay at least till the end of the long weekend.

One of the items on my to-do list today was to venture over to Sidewalk Citizen Bakery for some fresh baked goodies.. 

I’ve been getting their weekly email updates for awhile, and finally found some time to make my way down to the South to their kitchen to try out some of their tasty offerings.

I arrived a little after noon and they were almost sold out of most of their items! The fresh hot cross buns were gone and the two remaining honey apple lavender scones left on the plate were already called for by the lady in front of me..shucks..Luckily I managed to get my hands on the LAST cheddar feta rosemary scone

A crispy golden exterior covered in a layer of yummy melted cheddar surrounding a soft and fluffy interior. Dee-lightful.

I also picked up one of their feature danishes (made by their fellow baker who share the space with them). This one had a creamy lemon ricotta center studded with plump and juicy raisins.

The puff pastry was a tad too oily, but the centre was lovely (the combination of ricotta cheese and lemon zest, how can you go wrong?).

This made a nice satisfying crunch when you bit into it.

After a full day of errands, I came home and prepared myself a beautiful and colourful salad with ingredients out of the fridge.
Leftover sweet roasted beets, juicy and sweet grapefruit and avocado atop a bed of peppery baby arugula. I topped this with shavings of grana padano, spoonful of caramelized balsamic marmalade and a couple grinds of pepper. For a dressing, I drizzled a bit of honey ginger white wine vinegar and fruity extra virgin olive oil.
Simple, quick and satisfying. A feast for the eyes and palette.
When I got home, I couldn’t wait to try this gorgeous sourdough bread I picked up at the bakery.
I love that crunchy crusty exterior of these rustic artisan loaves. It always reminds me of my trips to Europe.
A slice or two spread with some Foothills Creamery butter and a freshly ground pepper. The perfect thing to soak up all those yummy juices on the plate after I’ve finished my salad.
The bread was chewy, dense and tangy…I have a feeling there will be many more visits to the Sidewalk Citizen Bakery in the future 🙂
A great start to the long weekend. What are all of you up this Easter? Any delicious plans?

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