{Dining for one}

The boy is away for the long weekend in Vancouver hanging out with his family, so the house has been extra quiet the past couple days. It’s also made me a bit of a slacker in the kitchen..it’s always so much more fun to cook for someone else..

Luckily, I’m not ALL alone. Little Jasper has been keeping me company. Sitting next to my laptop as I blog and snuggling in the crook of my arm on the couch for afternoon naps.

Right Jasper?

I was still sore from my metabolic training class yesterday (hurts so good), but I still managed to rock a double cardio class this morning at the gym.

I was ravenous afterwards and had a craving for a Vietnamese sub and bubble tea, so I headed over to Kim Anh Subs over on 17th to get my sandwich fix..the classic assorted meat sub on brown bread with all the fixins’ (minus the cheese) and a watermelon pearl tea.

I snacked on random things in the house all afternoon, so when dinner came around, I went with something lighter than usual.

I picked up a container of tomato soup from the lovely Parisian bistro cafe, L’Epicurie. Chilled in a bowl with a crack of pepper and a fresh basil leaf.

So incredibly smooth and bursting with sweet summery tomato flavour.

I enjoyed this with a couple of slices of my sourdough bread from the loaf I bought yesterday with smears of butter and a lightly dressed baby arugula salad on the side. It was so gorgeous today, so I decided to enjoy my meal outside on our porch.

Peaceful and delicious.

Regardless of how full I am…I always make room for dessert.. 

No trip is complete without getting one of their tarte aux pommes..

A simple, no frills dessert – just apples and puff pastry. Like I said before, every time I eat this, I am whisked back to Paris.

Although, no apple pastry will ever compare to that one I had at Poilane..

Seriously. Best.Dessert.Ever.

If I had to choose only ONE dessert to eat for the rest of my life, this would be it.

Switching topics here, I did a bit of shopping yesterday.

I am a total accessory freak and LOVE big bold rings. When I saw this one, I couldn’t resist..Channeling my inner-Lady Gaga. It’s funny, when I saw this, I immediately thought of  The Man Repeller blog. Seems like an item I would see her wear. 

I also fell in love with this antique vintage-y look of this jeweled hair band..Bling for your head.

In other news, as an early Mother’s Day gift, I’m taking my mom to the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel tomorrow for a spa getaway in the mountains. We’re going for their famous Sunday brunch, and try to fit in a hike later on in the day. Perhaps a dip in the hot springs too 🙂

I’m super excited cause me and my mom haven’t done a getaway with just the two of us probably since I was 15.

On Monday, we’re both getting massages at their gorgeous spa (I’ve heard the pool is amazing in there).

Talk to you guys next week, until then, Happy Easter 🙂

2 Responses to “{Dining for one}”
  1. Leah says:

    Yes, you got it, the man repeller would totally own this! Maybe she already does? haha
    Jasper is looking very regal these days 🙂

    ps: I posted my Screech cakes…

  2. The soup looks delicious. The spa looks amazing. And Jasper looks totally adorable! 🙂

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