{Fitness: Reminding myself why I run}

So for those of you that have been following my blog, you might remember that post I made earlier this year about how I wasn’t going to sign up for anymore races. How I was sick of being tired of all the training, the crazy uncontrollable hunger, my achy joints and reoccurring injuries.

And then I signed up for a full marathon in October..what gives?

I think I had a change of heart for a few reasons:

1. When I had written the original post, I hadn’t run in over 5 months due the sheer crappy weather we’ve had to deal with all fall and winter. Perhaps I was having a case of the winter blues.

2. I started to get the “running itch” as I watched friends and favourite bloggies signing up/running races.

3. I know I have the potential to improve and I feel stronger now than I did last year.

4. I watched the Boston Marathon and was inspired.

5.  Crossing that finish line at the snowy Calgary Policeman’s Half Marathon reminded me why I got addicted to races in the first place.

I think everyone goes through a lull in their fitness regimen at some point, and sometimes all you need is a few words of encouragement to spark that passion for what you once enjoyed doing. So in response to my previous post, this is what I would say to my former self:

Yes, it’s hard. There will be many moments you will want to give up. You’ll truly understand the meaning of mind over matter and your body will be pushed to its limits. Your mental willpower will be tested and you’ll have to dig deep to find the strength to finish.

Yes, it hurts. Your IT band will act up, your feet will ache and your legs will feel like heavy cement blocks long before you cross that finish line.

Yes, you’re gonna run in crappy weather and step into cold puddles and run in soaking wet shoes. The courses will be challenging and you’re going to encounter hills that feel like they go on forever. But you are a fighter and you always finish strong no matter what the conditions.

Remember all the reasons why you love to run.

You run because you love the challenge. Because you’re competitive and refuse to give up.

You run because it makes you feel free, fearless and strong.

You run because you know you’re capable of one day breaking the top 5 in your division and one day run the Boston Marathon.

You run to support good causes alongside several others who are doing the same.

You run because after months of hard training, there is no better feeling of pride and accomplishment than crossing that finish line at the end of  a race and being embraced by your loved ones who support you all the way.

So whenever I feel too lazy to train or am lacking in motivation. I will read this and remember why I run.

4 Responses to “{Fitness: Reminding myself why I run}”
  1. Connie L. says:

    you go girl! Your blog is an inspiration…a combination of delicious food and keeping fit!

  2. Tatiana says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have a competitive bone in my body, so milestones and goals simply don’t mean much to me. I wish there was more intrinsic exercise inspiration for people like me.

    • Everyone is different and what may be good for one, may not be a right fit for another. Racing is definately not for everyone and simple activities like long walks in the park are enough exercise for some people. As long as you find something active that you enjoy, because working out should never feel like a chore.

      An example would be when I was in Paris, it seems like the phrase “working out” is foreign to them. There were no gyms in sight and I probably only saw 2 other runners on my entire trip there. But they walk everywhere which I guess is one of the reasons why they are overall pretty slim.

  3. foodtable says:

    Hi there, I am still working on that list and will be sending it to you soon, but I also have a surprise for you at my blog. Come pick it up anytime tomorrow after 8 a.m. pacific time.

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