{Dining in: Crab & Lobster bisque w/ market fresh vegetables}

Spring has been in full force this past week. I’ve been happily enjoying the sunny skies and warmer than average temperatures. Even the tulips are popping up in our front garden.

Browsing through Sunterra Market, this item popped out at me. Now normally I’m not a fan of canned soups, but I was intrigued by this New England style crab and lobster bisque and thought I’d give it a try.

To make this dinner more substantial, I thought I’d add some veggies to the mix. I started off by cutting off the niblets of two ears of fresh corn.

I’m so happy to see the return of sweet juicy corn to the markets. Each little yellow nugget bursting with farm fresh flavour. It’s definitely one of my favourite vegetables.

A couple of baby leeks.

Chopped up into pretty pale green half moons.

And two small nutrient packed organic yams chopped up into small cubes. Cooked in a wok with a splash of olive oil until the yams almost tender.

Then I added the crab and lobster bisque (plus half a can of unsweetened almond milk) and a heaping handful of frozen peeled shrimp to make a hearty stew which I simmered for about half an hour till all the flavours were nicely intermingled.

Served up in a pretty crimson coloured Le Creuset mini cocotte with a wedge of feta cheddar scone (from Sidewalk Citizen bakery) or bake your own if you feel so inclined. Wanna make the bisque base from scratch, here’s a link to recipe 🙂

I know its easy enough to bake up my own batch, but I just can’t resist these giant golden coloured mounds when I go to pick up my weekly sourdough loaf.

The stew turned out great, the bisque added a beautiful dimension to the stew and was surprisingly not as rich as I thought it would be. If I could change something, I’d probably sub in heavy cream instead of the milk to make this stew thicker and luscious, like a hearty chowder.

So steamy and aromatic..

Each bite was a spoonful of different textures and colours.

For lunch that day, I enjoyed a equally colourful salad. A crisp bed of butter lettuce topped with:

  • cucumber
  • avocado
  • tomatoes
  • fresh corn
  • pine nuts
  • strawberries
  • goat’s feta cheese
Topped with my favourite dressing – a maple balsamic cranberry honey mustard vinaigrette. Pretty much the same recipe as here, but subbing in my Brassica mustard for the dijon. Served with a side of fresh sourdough smeared with creamery butter and a pinch of herbs de provence.

I could probably eat an entire loaf of this in one sitting if I didn’t show some sort of restraint. Love that tangy fluffy interior and crunchy exterior.

2 Responses to “{Dining in: Crab & Lobster bisque w/ market fresh vegetables}”
  1. Great idea adding your own veggies to bulk up the soup. Love your adorable red mini soup pot!

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