{Our first hike of the season: The Fullerton loop in Bragg Creek}

Good afternoon everyone!

I’m spending my last day of the long weekend indoors keeping busy with house chores and freelance work. Funny how the weather ONCE AGAIN is not agreeing with me when I plan a training run outside. It never fails I tell ya.

My race is only 6 days away and there is nothing but rain expected all week. Crossing my fingers that the skies will be dry for a few hours on Sunday morning next week for all the runners participating in the Calgary Scotiabank 10km, half and full marathon. If I had a choice, I’d much rather run in snow than rain. Nothing worse than soaking clothes head to toe and chilly temperatures. A terrible combo.

Today’s thunderstorms is quite the contrast from the beautiful weather we had yesterday on our hike in the Bragg Creek area. We did the Fullterton loop hike in the Bragg Creek area, about a 45 minute drive from home. Here are some snapshots from our break away from the city.

Halfway through, we broke into our snack. Red pepper crusted goat cheese from Noble Farms (from the Kingsland Farmers Market) and some creamy smoked salmon pate (from the Soup and Stock Co. at the Calgary Farmers Market).

Enjoyed with some raisin and seed crisps.

And rosemary olive oil triscuits…so addictive.

After our hike, we drove over to Elbow Falls for our lunch picnic.

We snacked on fresh juicy sweet berries and mini cucumbers.

And soft and chewy pretzel bun sandwiches stacked with layers of thinly shaved Montreal smoked brisketdijon mustard, cranberry honey mustard, baby lettuce, tomato.

After we filled our bellies, we browsed around some cute shops in town.

And finished off our day with some good ol’ ice cream. I had a GENEROUS single serving of the espresso fudge.
The boy went with the classic chocolate
A great way to start off the beginning of hiking season. Can’t wait to get out more this year 🙂
4 Responses to “{Our first hike of the season: The Fullerton loop in Bragg Creek}”
  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Gorgeous hike and many yummy snacks!

  2. Where, oh where, did you get the pretzel buns?

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