{Dining out: Fuze on Fourth and sweet delights from Bliss Cupcakes}

Another gloomy morning in cowtown today. The forecast calls for nothing but rain for the next couple days. The cool, wet and chilly temperatures definitely put a damper on the mood, luckily tonight I sweat it out in my hot yoga class to escape this not so ideal weather.

For today’s post, I wanted to recap our last date night at a relatively new place, Fuze on Fourth. An upscale casual dining establishment located in the heart of the Mission area right next to Towa Sushi.

The establishment is a reincarnation of the former Fuze in Banff (it was one of our favourite places to dine in the mountains before it closed its doors). The boy had one of his most memorable meals there (the unforgettable sablefish), so we were very excited to try out the version 2.0 of this restaurant.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so we grabbed a couple of seats on the patio to enjoy the sunshine and some people watching.

As I scanned the drink menu, I was delighted to see they offered tasting wines (like Vin Room a few blocks down the way) available in “flights” – a set of four 2 oz glasses of wine. I always love trying out new vineyards to add to my list of growing favourites.

I went with the “vivacious blondes”, described as “lively, spirited and rich white wines bubbling over with personality”.

 I loved the La Biondina the best – light and crisp with a beautiful fruity bouquet. The perfect warm-summer-evening-on-the-patio wine.

The letters on the glasses corresponding to the names on the card were a nice touch 🙂

The boy we a good ol’ standby, the classic Caesar.

We were in the mood for wings that night, so we tried out their “kfc” korean fried chicken wings ($15) – crispy deep-fried wings tossed in a korean gochujang hot pepper sauce with ginger, garlic and soy.

These. Were. AMAZING!

A light and super crispy batter, perfectly coated in a thick sweet and hot sauce. Probably some of the best wings I’ve had in a long time. A really unique flavour and a nice asian twist on a favourite bar food. I have a feeling these will become one of those foods I find myself craving every once in a while. Good thing this place is just a short drive away from us 🙂

For our entrees, the boy went with the Hoven Farms organic burger ($15) – a 7oz certified locally raised organic beef burger served on a toasted bun with valbella double-smoked bacon under a layer of gooey melty cheddar cheese.

A nice thick juicy patty stacked high with fresh and crisp veggies. The boy was a happy camper.

Those strips of bacon make this burger.

Served with a choice of side, the boy chose the Caesar salad.

I had a difficult time deciding on an entree from all the delicious sounding selections, but in the end, I went with the Provencal tomato tart ($12) – a flaky puff pastry topped with tomato marmalade, sliced tomatoes, olive tapenade, pesto and a goat cheese cream. Topped with a handful of mixed greens and a sprinkling of scallions.

A beautifully colourful dish!

A lovely harmony of bright and bold flavours, my only complaint was that the pastry was a bit on the greasy side, rather than flaky and crisp. But overall, a tasty dish.

Sweets on the weekend included a few of these from Bliss Cupcakes & Co. atop one of my new plates from Anthropologie 🙂

Chocolate Bliss rich and creamy chocolate buttercream atop a dark chocolate cake.

Red Velvet their thick signature cream cheese buttercream atop a red velvet cake.

And their Strawberryall natural strawberry buttercream on a moist vanilla cake.

No visit is complete without a couple of their just-like-grandma-makes-them rustic hand pies. I got my favourite caramel apple – tender chunks of spiced apple wrapped in a warm blanket of buttery caramel sauce.

And their strawberry rhubarb – a gooey and chunky compote bursting bright berry flavour and tart rhubarb.

Blissful indeed.

4 Responses to “{Dining out: Fuze on Fourth and sweet delights from Bliss Cupcakes}”
  1. Tatiana says:

    I’m excited to go to Fuze sometime. I missed out on them in Banff a couple of times. And those tarts look darn tempting. Can’t wait till our rhubarb season.

  2. sylvia says:

    Hello Chocolate and ginger,

    wanted to tell you that your pictures are scrumptious and thank you so much for your support of our establishment. You alone is all we need to market our cupcakes. Because of you, I will be tempting my tastebuds at Fuze very soon…..

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