{Dining in: Turkey Sausage & Chickpea Stew + Chocolava Cookies}

Happy Tuesday all!

Another half marathon under my belt, and another cool medal to hang above my bathroom mirror. This was my 8th marathon and my second time running the half at the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon. My prayers were answered and the rain finally let up on Saturday, so it was nothing but clear skies for us on Sunday morning.

*Note: This race is great as it offers everything: a kid’s 1km marathon, 5km, 10km, half (21.1km) and a full marathon(42.2km)*

The beginning was a bit slow since I started 5 min behind the gun start, so I had to weave my way through a lot of people. But I ran strong and didn’t take any walk breaks and ended up with a new PR on the half with a time of 1:46:44. I would have liked to have a sub 1:45, but I’m quite pleased with my results considering my longest run the past 4 weeks has been 12km. I’m sure the fact that I will still going to the gym 5-6x/week helped keep my fitness level.

Everything went smoothy besides the fact that I overdressed (three shirts?! what was I thinking!). And I’m not gonna lie, it felt REALLY good turning around that midway pylon as I watched all those marathoners head straight towards that dreaded Shaganappi hill I ran last year (aka “the hill that feels like it never ends”).

I ran a negative split (running the second half faster than the first) which was a first for me. And my power song, Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” was a great motivator in those last 2km when my legs were starting to fatigue.

The crowds were awesome and a wanna send a huge shout out to those amazing folks at Lululemon who were in charge of the first water station, they were loudly cheering us on with huge signs and big smiles! You girls are awesome!

I also want to congratulate my co-worker and blogger friend who ran her first race with her sister, running a strong 10km! Great job ladies!



Onto the food..

Last night I made this hearty and flavourful stew. I started by defrosting some of my homemade elk tomato sauce from the freezer and added in a can of drained chickpeas. Simmer on medium heat.

In a pan, I sautéed up a couple sliced turkey sausage, one chopped red onion and a green pepper with minced garlic till sausage is slightly browned. Add this mixture into your stew and simmer for another 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I cooked up half a bag of spiral brown rice pasta in salted boiling water till al dente, drained and added this to the stew. Serve hot with some freshly grated grana padano and pepper.


Voila! A protein and carb packed meal that will keep you full for hours.

The perfect meal after race day to replenish my body and help my muscles recover and a hearty dinner for a hungry boy. A win-win meal.




I’ve been having MAD cravings for chocolate lately, and specifically chocolate cookies. So after some quick browsing through my cookbooks, I stumbled upon a recipe I bookmarked awhile ago in Julie’s book, One Smart Cookie. I present to you her famous Chocolava Cookiesrich chocolate brownie like cookies rolled in icing sugar before they’re baked to create a crackled surface as the rise and spread in the oven.



Intense chocolately flavour. I love the crisp exterior and chewy fudge-like interior. Make sure to not overbake these!


This batch made me approximately 27 med sized cookies and the whole recipe only required 1/4 cup of butter! You can make these celiac-friendly by subbing the in a gluten-free flour blend.


I finished these off by sprinkling the tops with a small dash of fleur de sel. You can find her super easy recipe here.

What could be better than baking up a batch of cookies on my recovery day 🙂


Jasper could not care less about my cookies, he’s more interested in those chirpy birds outside..just look at that concentration in his eyes…

2 Responses to “{Dining in: Turkey Sausage & Chickpea Stew + Chocolava Cookies}”
  1. Tatiana says:

    Jasper is adorable! Love the stripes in his fur. And that stew looks like just the ticket after a marathon. I’m just getting back into regular workouts after an illness, and am struggling with my usual motivation issues. Sigh.

    • Yea, he’s definitely a cutey and he knows it, he’s got me and the boy wrapped around his little paw 🙂

      Yes, workout motivation is probably one of the common things I hear people struggling with, I think I’ll do a post soon on that as I know we all can relate to that.

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