{Fitness: Why I decided to join the Sweat Collective}

I was cruising through Facebook this morning and came upon this trailer for a new movie called Endure. The brainchild of the New York based award-winning producer, author, playwright and Calgarian Melanie Jones. 

Here’s an excerpt from their website:

ENDURE is a ‘run woman show’ about marathon running, endurance sport and human resilience. I wrote it and I perform it, and we’re collaborating with a musical genius from Sweden, Christine Owman to produce 26.2 tracks of audio-based performance. Listeners will download it onto their iPods and take the piece out with them, experiencing story and sound while they run.

With wry humour, raw physicality and poetic lyricism, ENDURE celebrates resilience in all its forms.

In 50 minutes of immersive athletic theatre, writer/performer Melanie Jones captures the humility, the hope, the insanity and the beauty of putting one foot in front of the other. 

Now THAT sounds like my kind of film.

So what is the sweat collective you ask?

It’s an interactive online community associated with Endure that encourages people to take part in their challenges and are assigned brief assignments inspired by topics in the film. You can share your experiences through various social media mediums such as blogging, posting on Facebook or tweeting. All of this building up to the world premiere of the film that is set to be released in July.

Assignment #1: Why did I join the sweat collective?

I always find it so inspiring to hear what drives other people to run and where they find their strength to push out of their comfort zone. For me, running is incredibly empowering and intimidating at the same time. I can completely relate with the opening words in the beginning of the trailer “A marathon? That’s crazy”. A reaction I often got after I told people I was in the midst of training for the race.

I think Michael from the IronSherpa of explaining what drives individuals to tackle endurance activities:

My father always said to set goals that are so BIG they scare the hell out of you and give you goosebumps at the same time. Set goals that make you look so deep inside yourself, push you to rethink what is possible and test you to your very core.

The title “run. woman. show.” really resonated with me and I think being a part of this collective will be a great inspiration and learning experience leading up to my 2nd half marathon this October in San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Marathon (a mere 4 months away!)

Note: Endure will be touring New York and Canada with live physical theatre experiences. If you’re from Calgary, Melanie Jones will be here on August 13th from 8:30am – 9:30am at Guy’s Cafe Bakery in Cochrane. Audience members lace up their running shoes, turn on their iPods and set out on a sonic, visual and physical journey unlike any they’ve experienced before. Note: This event is intended for athletes. Audiences will move at a jogging pace over a pre-determined route. Coffee and conversation will follow the show.

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