{Things I’m loving lately..}

Happy Wednesday (aka Stanley cup final day for you hockey fans). For today’s post, here is a roundup of my favourite eats I’m enjoying this month..

Asian sweets…like these Korean rice cakes, a small little shop on 10th Ave in a asian strip mall. Freshly made, soft and chewy crescent moon pillows.

Available in regular or green tea flavour and wrapped with a contrasting strip in the middle to make them look extra pretty.

Stuffed with a thick red bean paste with just the right amount of sweetness.

From Community Natural Foods, their Korean rice rolls (made by a lady from the asian market across the way). Wrapped and ready to go, these are perfect as a snack on a hike and a quick lunch when you’re in a rush.

Sticky rice and seaweed wrapped around julienne carrots, marinated burdock, spinach and tofu. They’re perfectly seasoned, so there is no need for soy sauce. So flavourful with a mix of chewy and crunchy textures.

Raw chocolate walnut brownies also from the health food market. So decadent and silky, packed with antioxidant dark cocoa and coconut oil (great source of healthy fats).

A rich layer of smooth chocolate coconut ganache atop a nutty coconut crust.

Perfectly ripe tomatoes from the Cucumber Man at the Farmers Market.

Best. Tomatoes. Ever.

Just pick up a bag of their fragrant basil and you’ve got the base for an amazing bruschetta.

The serve yourself salad bar at Sunterra Market enjoyed in the park on a bench on a sunny day.

My fave breakfast of the moment: crispy belgian-style Patisserie Labeau apple cinnamon waffles (BEST frozen waffles I’ve ever had) with a side of microwaved apples, crunchy ginger granola, thick and creamy goats yogurt and hazelnut almond butter. Holy yum.

Sunday night dinners at moms. The “usual” is typically a surf and turf with a medallion of tender filet mignon, served with a side of veggies (BBQ grilled balsamic herb portobello mushroom, steamed asparagus with parmesan, fresh beefsteak tomatoes with sweet maui onion and feta).

And of course a juicy lobster tail dipped in garlic butter.

Sidewalk Citizen Bakery’s weekly sourdough. My favourite local bread, best enjoyed with creamery butter and pinch of herbs de provence.

The best weekday after lunch treat?

 The crisp, soft and chewy oatmeal dark chocolate chunk cranberry cookies freshly baked daily at the Boxwood Cafe in Memorial Park.

A venti Starbucks passion tea. My favourite beverage to quench my thirst on those hot sunny days.

And finally, watching Jasper lounge on his favourite dining chair at my mom’s house sleepily dozing away..

3 Responses to “{Things I’m loving lately..}”
  1. Everything looks amazing! I am a fool for those red bean desserts. I ate my weight in them when I was in Beijing last summer. That breakfast also looks killer and I’m drooling over that chocolate oatmeal cookie. 🙂

  2. Tatiana says:

    I’m going to have to try those Korean rolls, they look great. And the Passion Tea lemonade is my summer drink of choice for a few summers now. I’ve yet to try the sourdough that you keep talking ’bout though, never seem to make it there.

    • Sidewalk Citizen has been growing in popularity, I find if i’m not there before noon, all the scones and most of the goodies are sold out on Saturday. I do recommend going to the bakery though, i’ve had the bread delivery a couple times and i didn’t find it was fresh as the ones when you pick them up.

      Yes…my coworker said putting a pump of raspberry syrup to the passion tea instead of the regular sweetener is good too!

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