{Dining in: A sourdough baguette enjoyed three ways}

Happy Sunday all! 

This past week, I finally got around to visiting the new market on 17th Ave, Casel Marche, located at the bottom of a high end condo building right on the corner of 24th street (right before you turn onto Crowchild south).

The market is like a combination of the Farmers Market and Community Natural Foods store in one! They have a wide range of gourmet pantry essentials, a lovely produce section filled with local organic produce and a large row of freezers filled with interesting goodies. They also have a wine store, a French bistro, cafe and flower shop, making it a one stop shop.

Some of the vendors include Blush Lane Organic Produce, Sunworks Farms and the Vie Cafe features Manual Latruwe pastries, Sidewalk Citizen baked goods and yummy L’Epicurie looking baguette sandwiches (with fillings like creamy salmon rillete…umm..yes please).

I’m so excited to have found this place as it will definitely save me the commute of having to drive to various places across the city to pick up my favourite grocery items.

Some of the highlights include my favourite bread, Sidewalk Citizen’s sourdough (in round or baguette form). They also carry those utterly addictive scones at their cafe too!!! Swoooon…

I also found my favourite local goat cheese, little rounds of Noble Meadows Farm chevre in a variety of flavours, which I had previously had to drive down south to the Kingsland Farmers Market for.

Casel Marche will definitely become a new weekly trip for me to get all my delicious eats.

I thought I’d share with you some of the ways I’ve been enjoying my sourdough baguette this week..

A quickie snack – spread with a generous smear of goat cheese, my homemade chipotle bacon jam, a few sprigs of pea shoots and a crack of pepper.

The creamy tangy cheese really works well with the rich smoky and spicy flavours of the jam.

While the peashoots added nice fresh contrast. The perfect midday bite, this would make a great appie too!

Stacked high with thin slices of rack of lamb (cooked medium rare of course), sweet maui onion, thick cut beefsteak tomato and crumbles of cheese (tangy blue cheese for the boy and greek feta for me).

Hrmm..I seem to have a problem when it comes to making sandwiches, they always end up super big by the time I’m done stuffing with all that goodness..

Last night we had my non-fried version of a Shrimp Po’ Boy inspired by Joy. This one was made with hot dijon mustard (my stash from Paris), capers, sriracha, a spoonful of bacon jam (did I mention I put this on EVERYTHING), a tablespoon of mayo, a pinch of BBQ spice rub, diced sweet onion and a squeeze of lemon. Spoon it over a bed of organic arugula and top with a grating of parmesan and ground pepper.

One baguette, enjoyed three ways 🙂 Bon appetit.

In other news, I am thrilled about today because it’s the FINAL DAY of Stampede which means I’ll finally be able to get a decent nights sleep and not have to deal with the ridiculous traffic in our area this past 10 days 🙂

Today we’re off to spend a full day in Banff National Park hiking in the mountains , gotta make use of that annual park pass we bought.

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