{Saturday morning visit to the Millarville Farmers Market}

9:30 this morning, me and a few of us girls headed onto the road to visit the Millarville Farmers Market. About a 45 minute drive out of Calgary.

Even though we arrived early, the market was already buzzing with tons of people.

We tried some unusual samples like Mr. Pink’s Passion for Spice Foods best-selling habanero caramel popcorn ($6/bag) which after one taste, I HAD to get. A delicious mix of spicy and sweet. The spicy chipotle shortbread were quite tasty too.

Other noteworthy items I tried:

  • whisky infused cake (available in chocolate and maple cake) – thick and dense pudding-like bundt cake
  • maple elk sausage and pepperoni
  • whole wheat crusted frozen pizzas you bake at home
  • loose leaf lavender earl grey tea
  • mandarin ginger beef jerky

The warm and sweet caramel-like scent of these maple glazed cinnamon buns were calling my name (2 large buns for $5). The maple butter tarts and large pecan maple pies looked quite tempting too.

Fresh peaches, rainier cherries, sweet plums and apricots..all at the peak of their season right now.

What I left with:

  • 2 bags of baby beets
  • Hot & Sweet beef jerky
  • Maple cinnamon buns
  • Bell peppers
  • Mini tomatoes on the vine
  • Baby red potatoes
  • Garlic scapes (I got for free with my tomato purchase)
  • Natural savoury cheese cat snacks
  • Loaf of apricot raisin sunflower seed bread
  • Bag of habanero caramel popcorn
For lunch we drove a bit further to Black Diamond to The Stop: coffee house and gathering place.

I went with their feature soup of the day, a bowl of lemon lentil soup with a side of fluffy thick sliced whole wheat bread spread generously with butter.

After lunch, we wandered along the main strip enjoying the beautiful sunshine. This mural was on the side of their oh-so-busy bakery.

I have fond memories of this place from when my dad used to take me here (I was probably about 5 or 6) to pick up batches of chocolate and coconut cream pies and fruit pies for his restaurant.

A soda shop that also serves hamburgers, ice cream and retro candy from our childhood. Sweet.

The interior looks like we turned back the clock to the 50’s.

The front facade of the shop is guarded by this wooden native statue.

A beautiful day spent in the country. I continued to enjoy the lovely weather with a breezy hour and a half bike ride along the paths. (I bought a bike off Kijiji on Thursday night and I’m officially hooked).

No more public transit to work for me anymore. Plus I’ll be able to make it to more hot yoga classes now since I can go straight from work and not have to go home to get my car. I even installed my own DIY basket (with a basket from Winners and some zip-ties) so I can ride around town to pick up groceries. More details to come..

Dinner tonight: Red oak leaf lettuce salad w/ cranberry honey mustard and balsamic dressing. Topped with a warm garlic scape pesto feta potato salad (mixed with a generous spoonful of chipotle bacon jam)

For dessert: A few handfuls of that addictive “crack” popcorn I bought today and a wedge of maple cinnamon bun.

Off to get ready for bed and setting my alarm for 7:30am for a 20km training run 🙂 See you tomorrow.

2 Responses to “{Saturday morning visit to the Millarville Farmers Market}”
  1. Tatiana says:

    Funny – we were probably in Millarville around the same time. I love that market, all the more for the fact that it’s outdoor and seasonal.

    Congrats on the bike – they really are awesome, at least for the three seasons.

    • Oh funny! Yes, I read your post on the Millarville Market before I went too 🙂 It’s so lovely and seems a lot bigger than I remember last year. Such friendly vendors and so many yummy samples! Loved it!

      Yes, I’m in love with the bike, its weird, but it totally reminds me of my trip to Paris where we biked everywhere. It’s so convenient 🙂 Especially living so close to downtown like I do.

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