{A Sweaty Training Run and the Sun and Salsa Festival}

Happy Monday y’all.

A recap of my Sunday…I had set my alarm for 7:30am and after several snooze buttons later, I dragged my butt out of the bed and laced up my running shoes for a solo 20km training run. I stepped out the door at 9am with my music and coconut water in hand and the sun was already in full force..ugh..this is gonna be difficult.

It usually takes me about 6km to get my breath steady and cruise into “auto-pilot” mode where I feel like I can coast at a consistent speed for a long time. I stopped only once at the turnaround mark at 10km for a quick 30 second break and turned back to finish with an average pace of 5:16min/km and in 1hr and 45 minutes. I used to be in the habit of running my long training runs too fast (around a 4:30-4:50km/min), but I’m learning to take my pace down and focus on my breathe and finishing with energy to spare (train to race, not race to train).

Another thing I’m trying to be more diligent about? Foam rolling and stretching after my run (especially my tight hips and IT band that have been the causes of my injuries in the past). Looks like it worked cause today I had minimal soreness and felt really strong in my cardio class this afternoon.

So what are with those knee-high pink socks in the picture below?

I am in LOVE with these compression socks, called “The Recovery Sock“. Here’s what they claim to do:

  • Boost performance
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Improve oxygen delivery to muscles
  • Lactic acid production reduced
  • Proven cramp relief
  • Wicking antibacterial fiber
They come in a range of colours. I bought their charity edition (10% of purchase is donated to Breast Cancer Research). I swear by these on all my long runs now. I’m still running in the same Asics Nimbus I bought last March, but I have new runners enroute to me as we speak (at an awesome 50% off too. Woot!). Perfect timing too cause the inside lining is starting to wear. These shoes have rocked me through training and racing 5 half marathons and one full marathon 🙂

Curious to see what my daily workouts look like and my training schedule? You can be find them on the main page under the main navigation bar under workouts + training which I’ll be updating on a regular basis.

After showering up, me and the boy headed down to the Kensington area to take in the sunshine at the 18th annual Sun and Salsa Festival where Kensington vendors participate in a salsa tasting contest, in total serving up about 40 different salsas.

How it works is you buy a bag of chips (1 for $3 or 2 for $5 – money goes to various charities) then you taste test your way through the festival and vote for your favourite. We arrived around 1pm and the streets were PACKED!! We had to drive around for quite a while to find a spot and had to park quite a distance from the festival.

Feeling ravenous after my run, me and the boy both stopped by the Shawarma Station for a couple of hefty chicken shawarmas. And to drink? Freshly blended watermelon and ice from the Vero Bistro Moderne stall for $2. This drink was SOO refreshing on this super hot day. Just what I was craving.

After trying out about 10 different salsas, we called it a day (too busy AND hot for us to continue on, the lines were getting CRAZY long). Of the ones we tried, our faves included The Broken Plate Kopanisto – a cream cheese based salsa with tomato and chunks of feta. As well as the Julios Barrio chipotle salsa – a nice spicy kick from the chipotles in adobo sauce. YUM.

Before heading home, we made one last stop at the Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut for the famous dark chocolate soft serve cone. They only have these in the warm summer months, but are well worth the wait. Decadant and rich chocolate folded into a creamy and velvety ice cream base, I guarantee you’ll never have a better soft serve than this.

Twas a fun weekend! Tune in for my next post for some yummy recipes I’ve been enjoying lately including the best potato salad EVER.

2 Responses to “{A Sweaty Training Run and the Sun and Salsa Festival}”
  1. Tatiana says:

    Yeah I didn’t make it to the Sun and Salsa due to lack of desire to deal with crowds, but it sounds like a great time. Can’t wait for the potato salad recipe.

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