{My first Alley Burger, Date night at Brasserie Kensington and the Taste of Calgary Festival}

Hello readers,

For those of you regular readers, you’ve probably noticed  I’ve become a real slacker in the blogging department these past months. I had gone from blogging daily to a few times a week to a now once a week appearance. I blame it on the combination of our busy schedules this summer and all of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having. Add on the fact that my day job involves sitting in front of a computer screen all day indoors, the thought of blogging for a couple of hours when I get home is pretty unappealing since I’d rather be outside enjoying the sun.

For those of you familiar with Calgary, our summers come and go much too fast, so we must take advantage of this glorious season before we are hit with our winter (which seems to drag on for 3/4 of the year). I’m sure come Fall, I’ll be blogging on a more regular basis, but until then, please bear with my weekly recap blog posts 🙂

Although I have been absent from the blog, I have been taking lots of photos and have been updating highlights of my daily eats and workouts on twitter.

Ok, enough chit chat. Onto the food.

Me and the boy have been dying to try the Alley Burger ever since it started a commotion out the back door of Charcut.

Lucky for us, they have officially hit the streets (along with a handful of other food trucks) to satisfy our mobile junk food cravings. On Wednesday after my workout, me and the boy finally got our chance and took our spots at the end of a long line in a 10th ave downtown parking lot to sink our teeth into these infamous burgers.

I got their single “whole truck” burger100% angus beef patty with toppings of your choice. While the boy went with the classic single “alley burger” – a 100% pork pattie with set toppings. The flavours were great, my only complaint was that my burger was cold (boo!)  The boy was kind enough to share a bite of his with me. Next time I will for sure get the original alley burger..and I’ll make it a double. Deelish.

We also shared an order of poutine (about $8). Nothing to write home about here. And some of those cheese curds could have been more melty. On our next visit, I think I’ll stick to the regular fries with a generous sprinkling of truffle salt from their “season your own fries” station.

Since there were no sweets, we made a quick stop on the way home at Boxwood Cafe in Memorial Park to satisfy my chocolate craving. One of their cranberry caramel chocolate brownies ($5.25). Really intense and fudgy chocolate. Just half of this was enough to quiet the chocolate demon inside of me.

On Thursday morning, a failed attempt to come to work early (I got to work and realized I forgot my work key..) turned into a positive since it gave me time to mosey on down to the corner of Stephen Ave and 2nd street to pick up a couple of delicious scones from the Sidewalk Citizen Bakery bike cart ($3 a scone). They feature both a sweet and savoury scone.

Today’s flavours included blueberry vanilla bean and a feta, roasted onion + nigella seed. Perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy and tender on the inside.

On Friday night (aka “date night”). Me and boy made a return to The Brasserie Kensington. We started it off right with a beer for the boy (with a unique name, Trashy Blonde) while I had a nice chilled glass of Chardonnay.

We shared an order of what we think is the BEST poutine in town. This one was topped with a truffled mushroom gravy. The balance of gravy and ooey gooey cheese curds is perfect here. It doesn’t get much more decadent than this.

My entree was their version of a Cobb saladlightly dressed mixed greens with shredded carrot, avocado, tomato, egg and two crispy crab croquettes topped with a creamy aioli.

The boy went with an item off their sandwich menu, the breaded cod sandwich lightly battered batons of cod served with a creamy caper sauce. On the side, one of his favourite soups – the classic split pea and ham. Seriously if you’re craving a fish burger, look no further than here.

After our meals, we were too stuffed for dessert (and believe me, I have to be REALLY full to not end with a sweet), so instead we both ordered a cup of steamy cappuccino and called it a night. Another awesome meal and great service. We are already looking forward to our next visit..

On Saturday after a double class at the gym, I biked over to Eau Claire market to meet the boy for a lunch at Taste of Calgary. A festival that takes over the entire plaza and celebrates international food and beverages by indulging visitors in sample-sized menu items in exchange for a set number of tickets. Here is a quick recap of our eats”

We started the day off with a unagi don from Fuji Yama. A sweet and savoury eel atop a bed of rice.

Crispy calamari with tangy tzatziki from Pegasus.

A generous serving of pork adobo on your choice of rice or noodles from Pacific Hut.

A sticky coconut rice heart with mango from Delicious Thai. For $5, this was an extremely small portion..but it was really tasty.

And the highlight of our eats, the hand pinched perogies with a dollop of sour cream, a cabbage roll and Polish garlic sausage from the Heritage Deli.

Next we made our way in the beverage tent, a tankhouse ale and lemon tea beer from Millhouse Brewery quenched our thirst on this super hot day.

After a couple of really strong Zircova vodka mini caesars from Multiculture Bevco, we were ready for some REAL caesars on patio of the Barley Mill amongst the shade of the trees.

On Sunday night, I biked around town to pick up ingredients for a delicious three course dinner with friends at my place…tune in for all the details and recipes..

3 Responses to “{My first Alley Burger, Date night at Brasserie Kensington and the Taste of Calgary Festival}”
  1. Tatiana says:

    Okay, I’ll give Brasserie K another go, that poutine sounds good. Boo on alleyburger for serving cold burgers, uncalled for. But I have had their sausagey pork burgers, and they are fantastic indeed.

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