{Two weekends, Two Weddings: A recap of our trip to Kelowna and Creston, BC}

A super busy summer has transitioned into an equally busy September. Jam packed with lots of freelance work, plenty of running (I need to tackle a 36km run this weekend, then I can FINALLY taper, woo hoo!) and two weddings in beautiful British Columbia on consecutive weekends.

As much as I love mini vacations, that long drive really drains the energy out of you, so I’m THRILLED to finally be spending a weekend at home for the first time this month!

So in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to these past couple weeks since I’ve been MIA from the blog, here it is! First stop: Kelowna.

One of my must-visit spots when I come here to the Okanagan Valley is the gorgeous Mission Hill Winery.

The arched entrance perfectly frames the tall bell tower located at the center of the estate.

The estate featured a sculpture exhibition by Nathalie Decoster, an artist hailing from the City of Lights in Paris.

Large fragrant roses fill their gardens in a wide spectrum of colours.

The sun was shining, it was really the perfect summer day.

I thought it was interesting how the sculptures cast a shadow on the wall, adding another dimension to the artwork.

The view from the balcony looks over the valley.

This arched hallway reminded me of he architecture I saw in Europe.

And a view of the Terrace restaurant that we dined at the night before, overlooking the perfectly uniform rows of grape vines below. I had vanilla braised pork belly atop of bed of lentil pilaf (the pork served with a scoop of fruity sorbet..which I had mixed feelings about..kind of tasted like a mistake) while the boy went with a perfectly cooked halibut. For dessert, we had the rich and decadent flourless Valrhona chocolate and balsami gateau, served with a berry sorbet and star anise

No trip is complete without a stop to their gift shop. Filled with a bountiful selection of wines, gorgeous coffee table cookbooks, Riedel glassware, pottery and even fruit preserves that they can right here on the property. (I picked up a large mason jar of preserved vanilla pears and a bag of cabernet chocolate covered cherries).

Before we left, we threw in a few coins and made a wish..

We could not have asked for better weather, a sweltering 32 out! (thank goodness for that program sheet..which I used as a make shift fan). The wedding took place at a gorgeous golf course, the ceremony was short and sweet and ended with glasses of champagne mimosas

Shortly after we made our way inside for the reception where we ate well and danced up a storm…Twas a lovely long weekend getaway.


Fast forward to this past weekend and we are packing our bags again to set out on the road for another wedding in BC. This time in Creston – home of the Kokanee brewery 🙂

But before heading out of town, I had to squeeze in a 34km training run so I wouldn’t have to worry about it when I got back. I left the house at about 8am on a chilly Friday morning and prepared myself for a solitary three hours of non stop running. After I quick stretch and some fruit to refuel, I showered up and sat back and relaxed in the car for the 6 hour drive ahead of us.

What I love about driving to BC is that we get to save an hour 🙂 We arrived in town at about 6pm and met up with some friends for some dinner.

We went to the bride recommended pub, Jimmy’s Pub, which was crazy busy when we arrived. I went with their Chef Salad, nothing special really, but I had to show you a picture of all the salad dressing it came with.

Um…yea.. I only ended up using two..haha

Since we were pretty drained from the drive, we turned in early and called it a night.

The next morning, I headed out for an early run to take in the mountain fresh air and peaceful scenery. I have to admit I LOVE running on vacation, there’s something so exciting about exploring new paths, especially since I’ve become so accustomed to the same route back in Calgary.

Here are some pics I snapped with my Iphone along the way..

One of the great parts of staying at the B&B is the yummy home cooked breakfasts. Our hosts, Debby and Jeff were amazing and on our first morning, she made us her house specialty, the poofy pancake! It was huge, but it was surprisingly crispy and light, with just a hint of nutmeg.

I had this with drizzles of her homemade huckleberry syrup and couple crispy strips of the local double smoked bacon.

We enjoyed the bacon from breakfast so much that we had to pick up a package of our own to take home with us. Famous Fritz is a local favourite specializing in European sausages, smokies and deli meats. They don’t use any fillers, binders, sugar, MSG or gluten and make EVERYTHING on premises…Cool.

We left with a bag full of goodies including a variety hot chorizo smokies, bacon smokies, German bratwurst, smoked pork chops, plenty of thick sliced double smoked bacon and a couple of pepperoni sticks to nibble on in the car. Mmm…meat-tastic.

We headed to the Kokanee Brewery only to find that they were only open on weekdays (Boo!). So instead we settled for some pictures of the exterior.

The famous Sasquatch statue guards the front lawn of the premises.

We still had a few hours to kill before the wedding, lucky for us, the annual Fall Fair was taking place at the recreation centre right in the heart of downtown. The parking lot was lined with lots of local vendors selling everything including homemade jams, baked goods, artisan pieces, teas, fresh produce and handmade toys.

I satisfied my sweet tooth with a mini coconut cupcake frosted with an aromatic and creamy mango buttercream frosting from the Cupcake Lady. A little added sophistication with the dried edible flowers sprinkled on top.

For lunch, me and the boy shared one of Famous Fritz’s Bratwursts.

Perfectly seasoned and topped with some German mustard and plenty of sauerkraut..It was like the Calgary Stampede all over again..

After we checked out all the booths, we headed inside to check out the Fair’s awards winners for..well…everything.

What do I mean? Well just as an example, here are some of the categories they had (including some obscure ones):

  • Best drawings/ photographs
  • Best woodwork
  • Best fruit/vegetables
  • Best jams, jellies, baked goods (in every category), sauces, salsa, canned good
  • Best quilt
  • Best lego creation
  • Best hobby collection (the winner was a chest of mini porcelain animals)
  • Best art piece made of marshmallows (there was another comprised completely of fruit)
  • Best animal (in every category)
  • Best hay bale (what?)
Pictured below is one of the best sunflowers.

They featured birds of all kinds, including these little guys.

This emu was SUPER NOISY the whole time we were there and was making really human like sounds..It was kinda creepy..

Here is the grand prize winner of the woodworking. You really had to have seen it in real life to appreciate all the detail.

After the fair, we headed back to the B&B and got ourselves ready for a lovely wedding at my friends’ parents cabin. We made our way down a path to the bottom of their property facing Kootenay Lake.

A view from below.

An absolutely stunning view. Her dad had created the arch and all the guest seating himself!

After the ceremony, we made a quick stop at the Sidhar Pub and Grill (BEST yam fries I’ve EVER had..seriously). Then headed over to the Wyndell Community Centre for the reception.

Instead of a wedding cake, the bride and groom had requested an apple pie and all her aunties contributed their own take on mini tarts to fill the table. So beautifully rustic! The best part was we could try a bunch of different flavours since each was about two bite sized.

Each table was labeled with a different animal (we were the blue tailed lizard) and for dinner we enjoyed a buffet of BBQ turkey, pork and beef with comforting sides like vegetable gratin, harvest salads with cranberries and pistachios and parmesan baked potatoes. Num..

After dancing it up on the gymnasium floor to the tunes of DJ Vern (who was dancing up a storm alone on the stage), we all headed home at around midnight in the complimentary taxi limousine that the bride and groom provided for us.

On Sunday morning, we woke up to another delicious breakfast by Debby. This one featured an asparagus, mushroom and feta omelette with multigrain toast (served with a selection of peach, cherry and double berry jam), incredibly flavourful Nuernberger sausages (from Famous Fritz) and cherry tomatoes and potatoes from the garden.

I only wish we could have stayed longer to try out Debby’s famous orange croissant french toast…Next time 😉

If any of you are ever in the area, be sure to check out Pheasant’s Run B&B, you will not be disappointed.

On our way out, we headed over to one of the fruit orchards (as recommended by our hosts) to pick up a bunch of late summer Red Haven Peaches. My ALL TIME FAVOURITE fruit (I remember my mom telling me how even as a baby, my favourite food that I could not get enough of was pureed peaches).

 I have been having trouble finding good peaches back in Calgary so I knew I had to get a huge box of these to take home with me before the season is over. Since I bought these I’ve been eating 3-4 of these a day, these are drip down your face juicy and each one is perfectly ripe. Note: peaches are best ripened on the tree. If they are plucked to early, they will never get that same sweetness on their own.

On our way back home, we stopped over to check out the historical site of the Frank Slide.

In 1903, a thick bed or rocks that had came crashing down and buried an entire town, killing about 70 people during the night. It’s amazing how far the rock slide spans when you’re at the site…

I promise I’ll post a couple delicious peach recipes in my next post including an earl grey tea infused peach butter and a fresh peach tart in a oatmeal cookie crust 🙂
9 Responses to “{Two weekends, Two Weddings: A recap of our trip to Kelowna and Creston, BC}”
  1. Leah says:

    So nice to see more wedding pics and other people’s thoughts on Creston! Love it! And thanks for being there on our big day 🙂

  2. So glad you had such a good time in Creston-I can’t imagine how you found the time to do
    Kim and Gerry Santucci

  3. Your pictures leave me longing to visit the Okanagan again! I used to spend every summer there and our trips always included a stop at both Mission Hill and Quail’s Gate. Love the metal sculptures, those are definitely new (well new-er)!

  4. Kait says:

    I love your photos in Creston! Looked like a beautiful wedding. I love the pie table…great idea for any party! Oh gosh, Mission Hill is absolutely stunning. And talk about amazing wine!

  5. Tatiana says:

    Love the Creston recap, that’s where James’s parents live, and we drive out a few times a year. I love that area, the road alone is worth the price of admission. I almost know the exact house where you were (but many look so familiar). And yep, those fries are fantastic!

    • Haha, yes, its beautiful country out there. My good friend grew up there and always tells me how much she looks forward to going home to her parents cabin, now i can see why. YES! Those fries are GOOD! I think its the cut of it..makes them extra crispy.. We’re still enjoying our goodies from Famous Fritz’s too, deelish 🙂

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