{Day 1 & 2 San Francisco: NWM 2011 Expo and the Ferry Building Farmers Market}

Hi all!

As promised, I have a bunch of photos to share with you from our 10 day trip to San Francisco. I have to admit it’s quite depressing this week back, especially going from gorgeous summer weather (around 26C the whole time we were there) to Calgary’s minus temperatures..Time to haul out the sweaters and winter coats. Blah..

I’ve also dusted off my juicer and have been making fresh juices again to get greens back into my system after my carb-fest/ice cream overload while we were away. I’ve been trying a few juice recipes from the Blueprint Cleanse which I’ve been reading about in the blog world. A few I’ve tried are the greens-apple juice, pineapple-apple-mint juice (sooo yummy), and vanilla cinnamon honey cashew milk (also delicious). More on that later..

Back to my vacay, here is part one of our awesome trip.

We woke up bright and early on Friday for our flight (a mere 2 hours of sleep the night before). BUT, we’re on vacation, so getting up wasn’t so bad. My snacks included some roasted rep pepper hummus and flatbread, a Starbucks soy chai latte and a package of Banana Slims (aka one of the yummiest packaged snacks I’ve had in a while). It’s 100 cal pack of super thin banana bread biscotti..

Note to self: must re-create these at home sometime..

So good in fact, I had to go back for two more packs. I definitely liked the banana over the cranberry orange ones.

We arrived in San Fran at around noon, settled into our fancy hotel in Union Square and walked over to the Nike Women’s Marathon expo which was conveniently only a block away. We walked around trying out free samples and to pick up my race package. The place was a buzz with runners and their family/friends.

Some highlights:

  • Yummy smoothie samples from Safeway and bottles of POM juice
  • Complimentary foot massages (line was waaaay too long)
  • Gait analysis done by Nike
  • Somersaults and Ghiradhelli chocolate samples
  • Live DJ spinning tunes

Next we walked another block over to the Union Square Niketown flagship store to get my shop on. They transformed all 5 floors into a marathon merchandise paradise.

Why are all those people standing outside this building you ask? Because if you look closely it’s actually a collage of the names of ALL the runners (all 22,500) that are signed up for both the half and full marathon. Surprisingly I found my name right away. Pretty cool feature..

Posters are plastered everywhere in downtown including the huge Macy’s across the street.

The next morning, we were up at 9am and walked a short 15 minutes over to Market Street..

To the Saturday Ferry Building Farmers Market aka a foodie’s paradise!

I had done some research before the trip and had a list of “must-try” items I needed to cross off my list.. Starting with Cowgirl Creamery’s steamed caramel milk from their Milk Bar.

Warm, thick, rich, frothy and deliciously buttery sweetness..Oh my goodness..Bliss in a cup – for realz!

Right next door is their cheese shop where they happily offer samples of any cheese you like before you buy.

Another item I needed to get was a couple good bottles of California olive oil, like at McEvoy Ranch. They also make this incredible blood orange scented olive oil body balm which melts like butter once it hits the warmth of your skin..sooo lovely.

The boy didn’t hesitate picking up a sleeve of local beef jerky.

While I chowed down on a spicy avocado hummus wrap from a raw food stall. Filled with healthy goodness. Along with with a strawberry mint water. This is MY kind of pre-race meal.

Of course because I have absolutely no will power when it comes to pastries, I bought this puffy apple turnover from Acme Bread

And this pretty peach galette (both of which I saved to consume AFTER my race the next day). Definitely didn’t want to risk stomach cramps during my run.

But… I couldn’t resist indulging right away in this chocolate lavender macaron from Miette. Filled with creamy floral dark chocolate ganache…whisked me straight back to Paris..

Afterwards, we walked along the pier enjoying the gorgeous view and sunny weather.

And.. I may have gotten a little carried away with my chocolate shopping. My treats included:

  • Chocolate covered mission figs
  • Recchiuti dark chocolate covered key lime apple slices and fleur de sel caramels
  • Vosges black salt caramel bar
  • Tcho chocolate samplers
  • Scharffen Berger 70% chocolate tablet sleeve
  • Earl Grey tea chocolate bar
  • Aspenmint chocolate covered almonds
  • Five spice chocolate bar
  • Miette ginger snap cookies
More details on my reviews of these treats later..

Tune into my next post for my marathon race recap and the best part, all the eating I did afterwards.

2 Responses to “{Day 1 & 2 San Francisco: NWM 2011 Expo and the Ferry Building Farmers Market}”
  1. I love Niketown, no matter what American city you are in. Why can’t we have shopping like that here in Canada? All of your little snacks also look especially enticing!

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