{Let the juice cleanse begin…}

They have arrived….

Normally on my blog I am sharing yummy pictures of sweets, pastries and indulgent date night dinners. But in this post…I’m gonna get a little personal.

I am a person who has little/zero will power when it comes to any sort of dieting. I eat what I want, when I want, until I am satisfied/full. It doesn’t mean I scarf down pastries by the dozen, but at the same time I never deprive myself of a sweet I desire. If I indulge too much, I’ll make up for it by doing a longer workout or eat a bit less in my next meal. It’s all about balance.

Lately I’ve been experiencing a serious lack in energy. I don’t have the pep in my workouts I normally do. I find myself having trouble doing my regular two-hour workouts on the weekend and even my usual one hour high intensity cardio classes on week nights seems to be WAY harder than normal. I’ve haven’t been sleeping well, and wake up super tired. As well, I’ve been craving carbs like CRAZY and my eating habits have slipped the past couple weeks – favouring starchy carbs over green veggies.

To be clear, I’m not doing this cleanse to lose weight. I haven’t gained any weight in the past month, in fact I’ve lost a couple of pounds since my marathon training stopped about a month ago (which is normal for me). I’m doing this to give my digestive system a rest and basically re-energize, reset my body and kick-start it back into a healthy balanced routine. I’m also hoping that this will help by body get back to its usual energetic self. Especially since I start my training for the Paris marathon starting next month.

I did some research and came across a company out of Toronto called Total Cleanse.

Developed by Rebecca Malen (Co-Founder of Nimdiet.com) in consultation with Professional Nutritionist Dorothy Lyons, Total Cleanse has been designed from the ground up to provide you with a unique variety of fresh, high quality cleanses that will not only aid in detoxify your body but help contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of juice cleansing include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Weight loss (in some cases)
  • Improved sleep
  • Boosted immune system
  • Skin improvements
  • Clarity of mind
  • Elevates mood/positive outlook
  • Better breath
  • More relaxed
  • Less bloated’

I’ll be doing the most mild of the cleanses, the Energize Cleanse:

It is designed as a mild cleanse for people who want to experiment with cleanses but do not want to resort to an extreme cleanse. The Energize Cleanse is ideal for people who eat whatever they want, whenever they want, but are also looking to give their bodies a REST. The Energize Cleanse provides you with an efficient balance of nutrients which will detoxify your body making you feel energized all day. If this sounds like you, then the Energize Cleanse is for YOU!

The Energize Cleanse includes six juices per day. The juices contain enough fat and calories to get me through the day without chewing my arm off (hopefully).

They are to be drank in the order they are numbered:

  • 1. Green Energy
  • 2. Lemonade
  • 3. Green Energy
  • 4. Very Berry
  • 5. Lemonade
  • 6. Creamy Cashew Milk

I’ve also been preparing by doing a “pre-cleanse” the past couple days. Replacing sugar, meat, dairy, alcohol and coffee with big salads, fruits, some nuts and seeds (I may or may not have had a few squares of chocolate in between).

Anyway, I officially start tomorrow morning and will be documenting my progress and how I feel each day.

Goodbye solid food for the next three days. Wish me luck!

3 Responses to “{Let the juice cleanse begin…}”
  1. I am so impressed and this is a perfect time before Christmas party rounds begin. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your updates as you go along. I like how they are numbered and packaged pretty enough to look forward to when you go into the fridge:)

  2. Mallory says:

    Good luck! I am curious to hear how the drinks taste. Can’t be worse than the hot sauce, lemon juice and maple syrup combo though!

  3. Ray says:

    Sometime ago, I did a three day cleanse using unfiltered apple juice. While it did do a great job, I felt the additional sugar, which made the experience more enjoyable, wasn’t all that good for me.

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