{What I’m eating while I’m NOT cooking in my kitchen}

I have to be honest with you all…The past few weeks I’ve been stuck in a “not wanting to cook or bake” rut. I’m not sure if it’s because of shorter days (it’s dark outside around 4:30pm now) but it seems like by the time I get home from the gym (around 8pm, sometimes 9pm), the LAST thing I wanna do is fuss over a dinner. The past week dinner has included breaking off pieces of sourdough baguette with some old cheddar with a side of mini cucumbers and tomatoes or nibbling on random things from the pantry (pistachio biscotti and scones with coconut jam).

So while it’s nice having my kitchen pristine. I’m gonna make a game plan this weekend to get back in there and get reacquainted with my spatula and my fancy induction stove in my new place. Perhaps creating big pot meals that I can just come home to and heat up in a pinch.

In the meantime, here is a montage of things I’ve been eating lately that have NOT been prepared in my kitchen 🙂

..Celebrating new beginnings at work with a 3 bite donut tray to share with coworkers..An assortment of their daily feature flavours from Jelly Modern Donuts..

I am obsessed with the coconut cream one…Definitely not the best breakfast choice, but that did not stop me from thoroughly enjoying every last bite of this.

With the cold weather comes my cravings for comfort food… These cheesy potato perogies from the Calgary Farmers Market with a dollop of creamy sour cream and a generous portion of sauerkraut really hits the spot.

Sometimes I like to take a mental break from work by taking a stroll in Central Memorial Park. Which is so beautifuly serene and calm in the winter time..

But even though the park is quiet, Boxwood Cafe is always bustling with hungry patrons during the lunch hour..

Their Vietnemese style lamb meatball sandwich on housemade ciabatta bread is definitely worth piling on all that winter clothing and making the trek. It was just so much more appealing than my bag of cucumbers and carrots in the office fridge..

And while we’re indulging…I treated myself to a slice of their pie of the day for dessert. This one was their Apple Crumble tender, caramelized spiced apple topped in a gooey mixture of oats and streusel on a flaky crust.

Friday date night this past week was an early dinner to Catch Oyster Bar…where we redeemed my gift certificate for half a dozen East Coast oysters and two glasses of Prosecco. An awesome way to start off our meal.

Followed by an order of their fish and chips. A crispy and golden filet with a squeeze of grilled lemon and thick and tangy tartar sauce. Served with a small mound of creamy red coleslaw and a cup of addictively delicious fries.

To balance out the rich entree, we also shared an order of the Tuna Nicoise. Perfectly rare cooked slices on a bed of what turned out to be mostly just greens. Not substantial enough for a meal on it’s own, but alright as a side dish.

For dessert, we shared one of their individually baked apple pies..A bit disappointing…The ice cream was smooth and decadant, but the pie crust was nothing special and the apples were still raw on the inside..

On our way back to the car, we admired the intricate ice sculptures lining Stephen Avenue..

On Saturday we drove out to Canmore to celebrate my annual company Christmas party where we enjoyed dinner and conversation, watched hilarious videos we made for each other (instead of gifts) and PLENTY of wine and other celebratory drinks = me not going to bed till 4:30am in the the morning…Good times..

Sunday post-partying drink of choice..A virgin Caesar..This tasted like the BEST thing in the world in that moment..

Sunday dinner at Izumi Sushi with my brothers included the BIGGEST sushi rolls I’ve ever seen…Each slice was equivalent to like four regular rolls..Sushi on steroids..

My post-lunch chocolate cravings this week have been satisfied with a small handful of these candied lemon rosemary zest enrobed in dark chocolate from my favourite brand of the moment from Belgium (bought this at fave foodie store, Mountain Mercato in Canmore).

And last but not least, my pre-workout snacks have been these hearty and filling Lesley Stowe Raincoast Cookies…They come in three different flavours (my fave is the dark chocolate, tart cherry and pecan below). Tune in for my review of their flavours in my next post and hopefully a recipe post too as I try to dig myself out of my current rut.

4 Responses to “{What I’m eating while I’m NOT cooking in my kitchen}”
  1. Mallory says:

    This post basically covers all of my favorite things in Calgary and area. I love Mountain Mercato for it’s olives. They have a wonderful mix of meaty, colorful cerignola (they come in red, green and black). And I definitely miss the farmers market. Yum bakery makes the best cheese buns ever…well aside from Glamorgan Bakery that is. Although one thing PEI has on Calgary is the oysters…and other seafood. But that’s about it, can’t wait to fly back tomorrow!

    • Mm..I bet the oysters over in the East are amazing. So fresh! I believe Catch ships theirs daily from the East and West Coast. We had the Malpeque oysters that night at dinner, which are from PEI 🙂

      So glad that the post reminded you of favourites, hope you have a safe trip back 🙂

  2. Tatiana says:

    I have just recently emerged from my own cooking rut.. it’s funny how they just sneak up on you and take hold. I love the central memorial park, and have for years, since I was a teenager hanging out there. I’m quite glad Boxwood is there to draw me over as an adult.

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