{Checkup on my 2011 goals and how I get back on track after the holidays}

With the new year comes the annual check up on my 2011 resolution/goals I had set for myself this time last year.

Here is a recap of the list  and how I did:

1. Set new personal records in all three race categories

A combination of terrible weather conditions (Calgary Policeman’s Half) and my reoccurring IT band injury set me back this year. I did not set any new PR’s this year but I’m proud that I completed my second marathon 🙂

2. Run 6 or more races this year.

I must have been extra ambitious the year before cause I set the bar pretty high for myself. In 2011 I completed two half marathons and one full marathon.

3. Get my fitness certification for choreographed group exercise.

Due to my crazy training/regular workout schedule and extra freelance, I postponed this one till after I’m done my third marathon in April 2012..Perhaps I’ll make it a goal for winter 2012.

4. Eat healthier and more eco-conscious (more plants and less meat).

Hm…I think there is always room for improvement on this one. It’s kinda hard to gauge this one as I eat healthy most times, but also indulge in not-so-healthy treats as well. I would never fully give up any food I love, so I think in 2012, finding balance and being more specific will help me measure this one. Eg. Eating meat only once a week.

I have been utilizing my SPUD organic grocery delivery and shopping local at the Calgary Farmers Market once/week which I think has made my grocery habits more eco-conscious 🙂

5. Get out to the mountains more this year (both for snowboarding and hiking).

I did do more snowboarding this past year with a few group trips out to the mountains, so I’m happy with that. I wish we did more hikes this past summer, but we could never seemed to find the time. Overall, I think we did the best we could on this one. Perhaps scheduling hikes into our calenders earlier to make them more of a priority will help in 2012.

6. Try a new activity.

Me and the boy tried snowshoeing for the first time in March. We will definitely try to do it again this winter.

7. Do something that scares you.

Hmm… does running a marathon with an injury count? I think booking a solo trip to a foreign city definitely put me out of my comfort zone, but in a good way 🙂

8. Get a new car.

Soooo glad to have crossed this one off my list.

9. Plan a big trip overseas.

So happy to be able to fulfil this “Things to do before I’m 30” with my much-anticipated month-long trip to Paris in April. Flight and apartment is all booked 🙂

10. Take a pastry/cooking course.

I’m in the process of booking my cooking classes in Paris this month. A few I’ll be taking include: molecular gastronomy, French baguettes + other breads, breakfast pastries (croissant, pain au chocolat, etc), advanced desserts (mille-feuille, paris-brest, charlotte au poire, etc..) and a cake decorating class.

Overall, I’m happy with the progress I made in 2011. I’m in the midst of finalizing my goals list for 2012, so stay tuned. As a side note, I know some people don’t like to make resolutions for the New Year (and it’s not for everyone), but for me, writing down specific goals helps keep me focused and motivated during the year and keeps me in check with what I want to complete and work towards the person I want to be.

Alright, in keeping with the New Years theme. Here are some tips on how to recover and get back on track from the week-long feast over holidays..

1. Making salads for lunch and or dinner.

Here’s my current favourite mix: Arugula, cucumber, pineapple and avocado salad with chopped raw walnuts. I made a simple lemon, olive oil, dijon mustard vinaigrette, topped it with some grated aged white chedder, season and done. The combo is so delicious and makes feel light and refreshed. Just what you need after all those heavy meals.

Need some ideas? This is my current favourite site to spark my creativity.

Another great addition to salads is crumbling up a few of these on top.. This is a mini bag of Grok parmesan chips I found at Bite Groceteria (I’ve also seen them at Community Natural Foods). They’re imported from Italy and are bite-sized cheese rounds made of Grana Padano cheese flakes, baked to a crisp and adds a ton of flavour to a salad (as opposed to a creamy dressing). So yummy.

2. Juice it up.

Sipping on glasses of freshly juiced beets, carrots and ginger juice for an afternoon pick me up. Don’t have a juicer? You can pick up to-go bottles at the juice stand in Kingsland Farmers Market for $10. I think I got about 4-5 servings out of one bottle. Check out your local health food store for a juice bar. Occasionaly I’ll stop by Jugo Juice for a nutrient packed drink called “Max Veg” that is packed with a hefty serving of the good stuff.

Thinking of a juice cleanse? There is Blueprint Cleanse for those of you in the States and Total Cleanse for you fellow Canadians which offer a delivery service of three-day to weeklong juice meals to get you through the day so all you have to do is pop off the lid and enjoy.

3. Filling and satisfying grainy salads.

Like this barley pilaf with chopped sweet potatoes, currants, onion and parsley. Here is some other grain salad inspiration.

4. Try making homemade cashew milk.

Replacing a meal with this super easy-to-make cashew oat milk with agave nectar and cinnamon. Oh so easy and oh so tasty. You can find the recipe over at Joy’s blog here.

5. Schedule those workouts and make them a priority.

The way I’ve been able to stick to my workout schedule the past few years is to write them into my calendar as if they were appointments. Consistency is key. I usually plan out my week on Sunday night and really… the hardest part is just getting there. So even if you don’t feel like it, just put on those workout clothes, get your butt out the door and just DO IT 🙂 I always have more energy and feel 100% better than before I went. No one ever regrets going to the gym…right?

Maybe buy some new workout clothes with that extra Christmas money to sweeten the deal..I already picked up a couple of cute new pieces from Lululemon’s new “Back on Track” run line with my gift cards.

Happy New Year everyone!

3 Responses to “{Checkup on my 2011 goals and how I get back on track after the holidays}”
  1. Tatiana says:

    There’s some pretty impressive accomplishments there, good for you! I don’t usually set annual goals, so I’m always interested in how others do. I agree that scheduling workouts is key, otherwise it’s too easy to get swept up in life. So cool you’re going to Paris, can’t wait for those posts.

    • Thanks! I always love reading your comments and I’m glad to do another year of blogging with recipes and sharing my yummy experiences along the way. Speaking of workouts, the gym is krraaaaazy this week. Luckily at my gym, it usually dies down even before the third week of January.

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