{My goals to make 2012 the best it can be}

So it’s mid January and around the time some people start falling off the New Year’s resolution band wagon…Sound familiar?

They are a great idea in theory, but if they are made without a game plan or are too unrealistic or extreme, they just fade away before February even begins. We want to set ourselves up for success for 2012, right?

What I like to do make a list of things I’d like to accomplish for the year that I think is attainable. Then I put them into general categories and make measurable and specific changes/actions that I can check-up on each month in order to work towards the goals. I found a good pdf guideline on the Simplemom blog that I think is a great start. I simplified it a bit and split them up into four categories:

  • Personal Growth 
  • Physical Health
  • Relationships (inside and out of the home)
  • Money Matters
With that said…Here are my goals for 2012:
Personal Growth
1. Handle stress better and take time for myself.
When I get stressed out, my mental state suffers, I don’t sleep as well and it affects my everyday activities, training and relationships in a negative way. Here are some ways I plan to deal with stress in a more effective manner.
  • Remembering to smile 🙂
  • Practice my patience
  • Knowing when to push back when it all becomes too much
  • Getting back into hot yoga at least once a week (for mind and body)
  • Allot an hour each night before bed to unhook from technology (computer, iphone, TV) and read a book
2. Learn something new and get inspired!
  • Save up for a new camera and document my trip to Paris (Compile a photo album and make a video)
  • Try new recipes I’ve never made before (souffle, bread, croissants, macarons, etc..)  I have also signed up for 6 cooking classes in Paris!)
  • Sketch everyday for 30 days
  • Watch more documentaries
  • Read books I’ve been meaning to read on my bookshelf. (A few on my list are “Must have been something I ate”, “Run Less, Run Faster”, “Bi-Rite Market’s Eat Good Food” and “The Sweet Life in Paris”.
  • Complete a personal project and update my portfolio
  • Improve my French (I’ve signed up for an online course to help me leading up to my trip)
Physical Health
1. Try a new activity.
I’ve been doing a lot of the same classes the past three years at my gym (which I still love), so I’d like to change it up by adding something new to the mix after I’m done training for my third marathon, like TRX or Muay Thai.
2. Make this year my fittest.
  • Focusing on core, balance and strengthening to make me a better runner: Doing yoga 1-2 times/wk + strength after each cardio class and being more diligent about stretching after each run.
  • Run my 3rd marathon injury-free (with a new PR hopefully with my new aggressive training plan – more on that later)
  • Be able to do 50 pushups in a row (I’m at 30 now..)
  • Continue following my workout schedule (I’ve pretty disciplined with working out the past few years, so continue with my progress).
3. Eat better.
  • Make breakfast every morning (lovin’ my usual steel-cut oats topped with hemp hearts, chia seeds, raw buckwheat, unsweetened coconut, dried fruit and raw nuts) and have cup a green tea daily
  • Drink warm lemon water upon waking
  • Ginger tea nightly (to help with digestion and inflammation after workouts)
  • Take Maca daily (to help with energy and training recovery)
  • Try to eat meat just once a week (save it for our date nights out)
  • Eat a salad a day
3. Live more simply.
  • Re-read Karim Rashid’s Design Your Self: Rethinking the way you live, love work and play. It includes lots of great tips on how to live your life using design principles (which I can totally relate to being a graphic designer myself).
  • Shopping less and downsizing the closet – By donating or consigning what I don’t wear – which I’ve done twice this past year already. Tying with this I’ve challenged myself to be more creative with my outfits. I love checking out Lookbook for inspiration.
  • De-clutter, getting rid of excess (work in progress)
  • Planning more unique date nights and finding new activities to share with the boy
  • Making an effort to show I care everyday to the ones I love, even if I’m having a bad day
  • Forgetting the past and moving forward
  • Host more dinner parties with friends
  • Spending more time with my kitty!
Money Matters
1. Save for my trip to Paris and paying off the VISA.
I’ve been doing this since late last year by:
  • Taking on freelance work for extra income
  • Following a savings plan in my calender to get to my goal – so far, so good
  • Spending significantly less on clothes and accessories
  • Starbucks and buying lunch only once a week
  • Making breakfast everyday at home + bringing my own tea
My flight and apartment in Paris is fully paid for, so now it’s saving up for all those extras and a planned week trip in Fall with the boy.
Well I think that sums it up…I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me and sharing those experiences with all you readers. Thanks to all of you that have been following along with me along my journey.
What are your goals for 2012?
6 Responses to “{My goals to make 2012 the best it can be}”
  1. Mallory says:

    I totally agree about unwinding from technology before you go to sleep. I always have a hard time turning my brain off.

  2. Laina says:

    Very inspiring! I love reading about your run training and travels! 🙂

  3. Leah says:

    Great post Jen!!

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