{Weekend Recap and Post-Workout Sweet Potato Bliss}

Hi everyone, I’m typing this post out while wrapped in a thick blanket cocoon with a giant cup of tea by my side. Looks like the inevitable has finally happened. We were spoiled with mild temperatures all winter and finally this week we were hit with the typical -40C wind chills I’ve become so accustomed to this time of year.. Sigh..Bring on the layers.

But enough about the chilly weather, here is a recap of my weekend.

On our Friday date night,  I rummaged through my closet and dug out this cute polka dot dress I got in a little boutique in Paris two years ago. Chic, non? We didn’t head out till 8:30pm and didn’t have a reso (bad thing in Calgary on a Friday night). Luckily I found an opening at one of our fave spots, the Brasserie on opentable on my iphone (thank you technology).


We ordered our favourite appetizer..I am NOT a poutine person, but this is awesomely delicious.

For my entrée, housemade ribbons of pasta tossed with peas, bacon, saffron cream and marash pepper. The boy had a unpictured Brasserie club with grilled chicken, avocado, gruyère, tomato & bacon (which he declared one of the best sandwiches he’s had in a while).

For dessert, we each got a scoop of gelato to satisfy our sweet tooth then headed home to finish off the last episodes of Season 3 of Mad Men (addicted to this show!).

On Saturday, I did my usual two-hour workout at the gym in the morning, cleaned the house, ran errands and by the time evening came around, I was ready to make dinner…which was made more enjoyable with a lovely beverage. Homemade lemon rosemary infused vodka with a splash of fizzy ginger beer..Yum..

I chopped up leeks and plenty of garlic..

Caramelized in a pan along with strips of kale, Sunworks chicken chorizo. I tossed the steamy hot pasta with about 1/2 cup of grated aged balsamic white cheddar (CRMR at Home) and 2 whisked eggs for a luxurious sauce. 

On Sunday, we changed up our regular routine and tried out Borgo Trattoria (located in Mount Royal Village). The best part? NO lineups!I love the decor in the restaurant, especially these awesome geometric light fixtures.

Everything on the menu sounded droolworthy. But we both decided to go big or go home and ordered the Chef’s feature brunch.

With our choice of Italian peach or pear nectar in these ADORABLE little bottles. Served in skinny glasses with plenty of ice.

The feature today: Broiled thin slices of beef striploin, creamy and decadant scrambled truffle eggs, toasted foccacia, crispy speck proscuitto and a fresh green salad. We also had a side of fresh fruit topped with honey yogurt and granola.

A pleasant change from the usual hash browns and mountain of buttered toast in typical diner fare. This is a breakfast worth waking up for.

For dessert, I sipped on a cup of warm Earl Grey (the boy had an Illy Americano) and shared a slice of freshly baked biscotti. Definitely one of the more memorable brunches we’ve had in Calgary. I’m already planning to come back next week 🙂

Borgo Trattoria  |  818 – 16th Ave SW  |  No Resos, Walk in only


After my tough workout tonight and making the long trek home through the cold, I walked into the kitchen still half-frozen and too hungry to cook. Luckily I thought ahead on Sunday and had a pre-baked sweet potato wrapped in foil in the fridge waiting for me. All I had to do was chop it up into cubes and decorate it with some yummy toppings for an awesome post workout meal with a nice balance of carbs and protein – just what my body was craving.

It’s so easy and versatile, you don’t need a recipe. Here’s the mix tonight:


  • chipotle hummus (protein for muscle repair)
  • chive herb goat cheese
  • hemp hearts (a superfood packed with protein, omega 3 and 6)
  • raw walnuts (omega 3 fatty acids – to reduce inflammation  = less pain and faster recovery)
  • organic raisins
  • chopped cilantro 
  • spoonful of bacon jam


Savoury, sweet and spicy in perfect harmony. I enjoyed this alongside a big pot of rich green tea (protects against oxidative damage after exercise) to help me defrost and voila! Dinner is served.
Sweet potatoes are perfect post workout because they are easy to digest and contain complex carbs to restore the glycogen in your liver that has been depleted during your workout. 
Prep: I wrapped the washed and unpeeled potatoe in foil and baked at 400F for about 45 minutes till tender, but not mushy.
They are rich in beta carotenes (protect cells from free radicals), a high source of vitamin D (boost energy levels, mood and supports thyroid gland) and vitamin C (to boost immunity). They are a staple in my fridge for a quick weeknight dinner or lunch. It’s also my go-to pre-race meal the night before. Smeared with raw almond butter and a sprinkling of anti-inflammatory cinnamon to provide me with a steady release of energy to get me through those longer races.

Want some more ideas? Check out this link here


My favourite picture of the weekend? Watching my kitten curiously stare out the window at the snowy scenery in the comfort of the boy’s arms.

2 Responses to “{Weekend Recap and Post-Workout Sweet Potato Bliss}”
  1. coldprairiet says:

    It’s official – I LOVE your kitty. And Mad Men – we did a big marathon last winter, now we’re catching up on the Wire which we did not watch when it was actually on. I am not at all a fan of sweet potatoes, the sugar seems wrong for a vegetable, and in fact, your sweet potato gnocchi was one of the few successful sweet potato recipes I’ve ever made. I should revisit that. 🙂

    • Aw, my kitty thanks you! 🙂

      OOH! The Wire has been on our list of “must-watch” series. I think we’ll be getting into that after we’re done season 4 of Mad Men. Yea..it’s funny, the boy is not a fan of sweet potatoes either. Perhaps made more savoury (instead of with marshmallows…um..weird..) you will like them better 🙂

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