{Paris 4.23: Notre Dame, Jacques Genin and Madeleine}

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been busy spending my days showing my mom the beautiful city (she’s flying home today) and busily working on freelance work with short deadlines at night.

The weather here is Paris has been less than ideal. Around 4-5 degrees celsius in the mornings and off and on rain everyday with highs around 10C. Boo..Hoping May will bring better weather. Nevertheless, I’ve been taking in all the sites and fabulous food, here’s a little of my lately..

Every morning I look forward to my stroll to the neighbourhood boulangerie for these buttery and crisp croissants for breakfast.

Alongside the SWEETEST clementines I’ve ever eaten..

For a well-balanced breakfast..

A must-see exhibition if you happen to be in Paris. It’s at the Musee  des Arts Decoratifs till September. Seeing the haute couture dresses close up is really something else. So inspiring and beautiful.

A post museum treat at the Angelina cafe for their famous Parisian hot chocolate. Thick and silky – perfect for a chocoholic like me. It definitely lived up to the hype I’ve read on various blogs.

Eagerly waiting in line for while drooling over desserts in their glass case..

The metro system here is really easy to figure out and so convenient to get around. I can’t imagine driving here..especially in those CRAZY 5 lane traffic circles, ay carumba..

My favourite church is also one of the most famous, the Notre Dame.

The detail is unreal..

R.I.P. Jim Morrison. This is the apartment where they found his body. As requested by the residents in this building, they removed the plaque with his name on the outside because so many people were leaving flowers and candles at the doorstep.

The Seine river..with the Bastille monument beaming in the background.

McDonald’s with a Parisian twist.

One of the famous locks of love bridges. Me and the boy put one on two years ago (which I have yet to find).

The architecture is breathtaking.

And the attention to detail is amazing.

The typical Parisian grab and go lunch.

Followed by a sweet (tarte au abricot)..

..or more (caneles – tastes like a chewy creme brulee custard).

If there is one bakery one must visit when in Paris, Jacques Genin is it.

Chocolates are works of art. Ganache filled chocolates infused with exotic flavours.

Eclair du chocolat are perfection here. Filled with a thick and creamy dark chocolate mousse.

But the real pastry star was this beauty, their famed tarte au citron. They sell a book in the store that focuses soley on how to prepare this tart. Prepared using meticulous measurements and temperatures. This was like roll your eyes back in your head good.

The other must have here are their mango passionfruit caramels. I remember having one of these as a part of my dessert two years ago when we dined at the 3 Michelin star Le Bristol and have never forgotten them. They’re one of the best things I’ve ever eaten here in Paris, but at a cost. Just 60 of these candies will cost you about 100 euros. A splurge for sure, but SOO worth trying if you get a chance to. It’s life changing.

The Place de Madeleine is the epicenter of some of the most expensive grocery stores, including Fauchon and Hediard. If you’re looking for the best king crab legs, black truffles or the 1000 dollar tins of caviar, this is the place.

Parisians love their mustard.

Duck confit in a giant can..Don’t mind if I do.

Shelves stocked with honey in every flavour.

Midday fuel at a bustling cafe facing a busy intersection. Perfect for people watching. I had a slab of their flavourful quiche lorraine with a disappointing iceberg salad.

My mom had a tender grilled salmon with a side of tagliatelle pasta.

Of course I had to show my mom the most iconic monument of Paris closeup.

One of the best parts of having a kitchen is that we can prepare dinner at home with the goodies I buy at the markets.

This is how a salad SHOULD be.

With a chunk of my new-found favourite bread. The Pain des Amis from Du Pain et des Idees.

A thick crisp rustic crust surrounding a chewy and fluffy interior with aromas of roasted chestnuts.

Our main course. Perfectly cooked pasta tossed with a bit of basil pesto, arugula and the pricey, but worth it Bordier butter from Brittany.

The BEST butter you’ll ever taste. Period. Worthy of the “must eat before you die” list. I’m already planning on taking a few blocks of these home with me 🙂

Off to the Musee D’Orsay today, talk to you all soon!

9 Responses to “{Paris 4.23: Notre Dame, Jacques Genin and Madeleine}”
  1. Tatiana says:

    I’m in lust with that butter. Pure lust. I would melt a tub of it and roll around in it. 🙂 And the duck confit ain’t bad either.

  2. Tatiana says:

    I noticed myself using ‘lust’ a lot when it comes to food lately. I think my stricter diet choices are leaving their mark. Sigh. Food is such a primal joy, and healthy food can be absolutely delicious, but it must be balanced with the richness of good butter, or bone marrow, or something. I was not cut out to be a vegan I tell ya.

    • I definitely believe in balance – having both the healthy and the indulgences.I think that’s why I really like the French mantra. I notice that most women here are svelte. It’s all about everything in moderation. Life is too short to not indulge. I also notice that desserts are petite here (good quality, lots of flavour, smaller size) which lets you indulge without feeling guilty.

  3. Mallory says:

    Oh Fauchon. Williams-Sonoma doesn’t even compare. And I second that the detail of Notre Dame is amazing. I love the carving of the devil, leading all the little sinners down to hell meanwhile the saints are taking everyone else to heaven. To think they did that back when electricity did not even exist. Quite unreal. Regardless of whether or not you are a church goer, I would strongly recommend attending mass at Notre Dame. It is quite the experience. With the evil sounding organ music it feels like Quasimoto is about to pop out from behind one of the massive pillars or something. Also, did you try the macarons at MacDonalds? Just for kicks?

  4. Mallory says:

    PS. Mountain Mercato in Canmore sells quite a bit of Fauchon product if you are going through withdrawal. Over-priced but better than nothing I guess.

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