{Paris 5.2: Saint Germain and enjoying the gardens of Paris}

I am currently ADDICTED to these Sacristains from Du Pain et des Idees. Buttery twists of puff pastry intertwined with an orange blossom scented pastry cream.

These are the kind of pastries I’ve been longing for since I was last in Paris two years ago. The ones that completely shatter into a million pieces when you bite into them. So deliciously satisfying..

I took in the sunshine in the courtyard outside of the Eglise Saint-Suplice.

And crossed off another of my must-eat pastries. The Pierre Herme Croissant Ispahan. These are crispier and much more buttery than croissants from the boulangeries. The center is filled with a rose flavoured almond paste and a fresh raspberry compote scented with litchi. It’s finished off with a rosewater glaze and small dried pieces of raspberries. I had to restrain myself from inhaling this in 5 seconds. SO good..

I then wandered a few blocks south to the Jardin du Luxembourg. Strolling down the avenues lined with chestnut trees..

And admired a bust of Chopin glistening under the rays of light peeking through the trees.

Few blocks east is the Pantheon, built by Louis XV and finished in 1789.

I am always mesmerized with the detail of the ceilings in these Roman style buildings.

The interior is just as stunning..

I am in LOVE with these vintage book covers I saw in a storefront..

I would totally buy my future kids this lego set..

I was so happy to stumble upon this store. Created by the Lombard family, originally from Provence, they specialize in stoneware tumblers of milk, white and dark chocolate (available in over 30 flavours). Once melted, the containers keep the chocolate warm and molten with no external source of heat for at least 45 minutes.

I picked up a jar of the dark chocolate and ginger for myself..of course..

One of the most eye catching modern buildings in Paris, the Institut du Monde Arabe.

The south elevation is made of 1,600 high-tech photosensitive metal screens that close and open in response to the amount of light falling on them. The design is inspired by wooden screens found outside buildings in Morocco and Southeast Asia.

My last stop of the day was the Jardin des Plantes.

A botanical garden established in 1626 by Louis XIII’s physicians as a royal medicinal herb garden. This is also home to the School of Botany, the Museum of Natural History and a Zoo.

At home I snacked on a mini pave filled with goat cheese and spinach..

And dug right into my 2nd treat from Pierre Herme. The highly recommended Gourmandise Constellation.

Choux pastry studded with roasted almond slivers and crunchy pearl sugar. Filled with a light pastry creamorange marmalade, strawberries and cardamom infused mascarpone cream. A lot of different flavours going on, but the combination works in complete harmony with eachother. I will definitely be recreating this one at home.

I can’t believe I’ve already been in Paris for three weeks. Time flies! I’ve been busy with my cooking classes the past few days and loving every minute.  I am so happy I’m learning how to make a variety of French delicacies to share with my friends and family back home 🙂

Stay tuned for recaps!

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