{Little of my lately and my favourite summer tartine}

One of the things I look forward to in the summer is hiking. The great thing about living in Calgary is that we’re less than an hour away from lots of great trails. It’s not unusual to see some mountain sheep along the way..

For our first hike of the year, we visited an “oldie but goodie” trail to Barrier Lake in Kananaskis. A long and seemingly neverending steep hike for a good hour and a half upwards pays off when you get to enjoy the breathtaking views from the top.

I’ve been battling a nasty chest cold and cough for the past week and was in need of some fresh mountain air, so we did an easy 2 hour hike along the trail to Ing’s Mine on Monday..

Rockin’ our matching hiking shoes..And no, our outfits did NOT match..

I took part in my first trail race ever this past month. Me and my coworkers participated in the Kananaskis 100 mile race. I was appointed the muddy last leg of the race which forced started at 6pm (so runners wouldn’t have to run in the dark).

It was the most challenging 13.2km I’ve ever run. I leaped over (and sometimes straight into) deep muddy puddles, almost lost my footing several times and basically was just trying to stay upright. And running with soaked runners the whole way is not the least bit enjoyable. But in the end, it ended up being my fastest race (average pace: 4:27min/km)! Nothing but smiles at the finish line. Wahoo!

Our weekly date nights have included this bountiful charcuterie platter of meats and cheeses at the always busy German restaurant, Wurst in the Mission area..

We sipped on summery wines and snacked on tapas at the Vin Room patio.. Grilled calamari atop a bed of peas, sweet potato, bacon and fresh mint. Such a nice change from the usual heavy deep fried version.

The boy ordered up a plate of lobster nachos served with pico de gallo and valentina hot sauce.

And lastly, my fave of the night, these juicy and meaty Merguez meatballs made with spiced lamb and dates bathed in harissa and a tangy mint yogurt.

My beer of choice this summer has definitely been this Austrian Stiegl Radler. Made with real grapefruit juice, its so refreshing on a hot sunny day. The perfect patio beverage.

When I have guests over, I whip up a batch of chilled white sangria made with Pinot Grigio and lots of chopped chunks of fruit. Mangoes, strawberries, apples and kiwis are in the the mix here.

Tartines are a great solution to those “I’m going to a party and I have no idea what to make and I have no time” scenarios. They’re one of those “looks impressive” but are SUPER easy to make recipes.

Those are my favourite kind of recipes..

Simply cut up a baguette into 3/4 inch slices. Smear on a generous amount of chevre ( I used the local Fairwinds Farm organic red pepper, garlic and onion goat cheese). Add a layer of pesto (I made a cashew arugula pesto which you can find here). Top with sliced halves of colourful grape tomatoes and thinly sliced baby radishes. Top with a sprig of dill and some lemon zest and voila!

Bon appetit!

2 Responses to “{Little of my lately and my favourite summer tartine}”
  1. Vincci says:

    Congrats on your trail run! The tartines sound like a smart idea! They look so yummy!

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