{Snippets of my new-ish home}

{Memorable instagram moments strung up on the kitchen chalkboard feature wall – I ordered 24 pics for $12 from here}

{A grey Ikea bookshelf filled with reading material organized by colour}

{The top of the bar cart filled mostly with housewarming gifts from our friends and family}

{The bottom of the bar cart with a few of my fave DRY sodas in vanilla, lavender and cucumber, some fun paper straws and a quirky  antler bottle opener}

{Shelving in th kitchen filled with pastel ceramics from Anthro, a cake pedestal from the now closed Nectar Desserts, a bottle of white truffle oil, a can of foie gras and my collection of flavoured salts}

{A colourful stack of limited edition Maille mustards from Paris and a few of my favourite seasonings from Bite Groceteria – including anise powder and a honey chipotle dust}

{My current addiction: green tea chocolate covered almonds}

{Noshing on these freshly baked blueberry & chocolate cream scones served with homemade lime curd in the kitchen while listening to an entertaining podcast}

{My japanese knife collection from Knifewear in Inglewood mounted on the chalkboard wall that doubles as art}

{My current reading collection on my bedside table}

{The perfect cushion for those lazy weekend afternoon naps}

{A homemade terrarium made for less than $20 inspired by a $100 one I saw at a home decor store on 17th Ave}

{My favourite cooking quote framed on the wall}

{A lazy kitten laying in his favourite spot in the warmth of the sun}

2 Responses to “{Snippets of my new-ish home}”
  1. Lisa at fLVE says:

    Absolutely gorgeous~ (and a very cute cat.)

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