{9.24 My Everyday Life}

Celebrating the last days of summer by making a batch of this refreshing salsa with cucumbers, fresh corn off the cob, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, a chopped jalapeno (no seeds) and lots of freshly squeezed lime juice.

Served on a filet of fresh caught poached salmon makes a quick and filling dinner after a hard workout.

I’ve been stuck in a delicious breakfast rut the past couple weeks. A big bowl of chopped up fruit (today’s mix was a plum and a crisp pink lady apple) topped with my homemade peanut butter maple granola and a spoonful of lime curd. SoOo good.

My new breakfast obsession,vanilla bean & rum Scandinavian pancakes adapted from a recipe from London’s Nordic Bakery. Topped with warm salted butter caramel apples.Recipe to come…

I was super excited to see coronation grapes making their appearance at the market this past weekend. Must.Buy.More.

Enjoyed while watching the sunset from our patio.

Olive ciabatta with slices of parmesan reggiano and a pat of French butter makes a satisfying carby late night snack when you’ve been working on freelance work all night long..

This carrot cumin and candied ginger dip from Sidewalk Citizen Bakery is one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten lately. I NEED to make my own version soon…

I ran my 4th consecutive Melissa’s Road Race in Banff this past Saturday and got a new personal best on a half marathon, coming in 8th/118 in my division and beating last year’s time by 7 minutes..


I met up with my good friend and fellow blogger for brunch at my neighbourhood diner on Sunday to catch up and was surprised with a bag full of goodies from her recent trip to Italy.

A foodie’s dream package..White truffle butter, White truffle oil, jet black risotto, sugar-coated anise candies

A mini manila envelope filled with spicy peperoncini peppers. I can’t wait to use this in a pasta/pizza dish this week…

A cute blank notebook from the Colosseum in Rome. Designers can never have enough blank journals..especially a compulsive list maker like me πŸ˜‰

An adorable and stylish mini bottle of Grappa presented in a beautiful copper tube from an artisan distillery she visited in Schiavon in the Veneto region.

Which makes a nice addition to our bar cart.. Speaking of which..I added some pizzaz to a wall in our living room with these fun silver metallic polka dots using a roll of removable shelf liner from Home Depot that cost $12. An idea I found on Pinterest.

And last but not least, the boy came back from his month-long trip to New Zealand/Australia.

Hurrah for the return of date nights πŸ™‚

Cocktails from our fave vegetarian restaurant, The Coup. Just beet it: fresh beet, mango, absolute mango vodka & cointreau topped with a splash of ginerale and the Clockwork Orange: an orange blossom tonic with fresh lemon, lime, orange blossom, maple & gin.
6 Responses to “{9.24 My Everyday Life}”
  1. Amanda says:

    According to your sunset photos, we’re neighbours!

  2. David says:

    I ran at the Melissa’s Road Race this year too! That’s a wicked time!

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