{Out and about town}

Friday date night at Model Milk (voted #2 by Enroute Magazine as one of the Best New Restaurants in Canada)…Well deserved too, a night of fantastic food and friendly service.

We started off with our favourite dish..the classic shrimp and grits (I hope they NEVER take this off the menu..)

We shared two unpictured dishes: the rabbit saladtender hand torn pieces of perfectly tender rabbit, house made rabbit mortadella and frisee greens. We also ordered the veal sweetbreads – served piping hot and tossed in a spicy buffalo dressing. Both equally impressive.

The star of the show had to be their signature burger: cooked medium rare filled with a creamy mushroom ragout, cheese curds and crispy bacon. Served with a paper sleeve of fries.

Although we were stuffed, I HAD TO try out one of their desserts that were taunting me all night long from the corner of my eye (we were seated at the chef’s bar counter). After a lot of contemplation, I finally settled on the apple pie with white cheddar crust. Verdict…totally worth the pain and agony of being overstuffed after 😉

Other noteworthy eats around town…Cucina’s grab and go steak sandwich

Whenever the cold weather hits us, we find ourselves craving the split pea and pork hock soup from the Brasserie in Kensington. Pictured below: Milk fed Quebec veal burger with gruyere, mushrooms, arugula aioli and grainy mustard.

For those who are celiac, they make a gluten-free fish and chips here in a cornmeal crust..

The orange scented morning buns from Sidewalk Citizen Bakery satisfy that Tartine craving I get every once in awhile…I personally think they are better than the San Fran version.

Other faves from the bakery…the pear and cheese danish..

The brownies here are my fave in the city. Dense, rich, intense dark chocolate flavour topped with a crunchy pumpkin seed brittle.

Lastly, with the holidays around the corner. What could be better or sexier than a good quality chef’s knife

Here are mine freshly sharpened from the friendly staff at Knifewear.

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