CBC Homestretch Brunch Club: Vero Moderne Bistro

Hi friends!

For my third installment in the #summerbrunchklub series, we visited Vero Moderne Bistro, a small and cozy restaurant located on 10th Street and 2nd Ave SW in the Kensington area serving Mediterranean fusion cuisine.

When you enter the restaurant, your eye is instantly drawn to the large ceiling high red leather banquette seating and dark granite table tops which gives the space a sleek and dramatic look. They open at 10am on the weekends and we arrived shortly after 11am and grabbed one of the last tables on their small enclosed patio without a reservation.

They have a variety of interesting non-alcoholic options, I ordered the green tea lemonade but was mistakingly brought the peach fizz ($7) which I enjoyed regardless of the mix up. The combination of peach puree and sparkling water was both refreshing and not too sweet which I quite liked (I’m not a big juice/pop person). My husband went with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice ($4.50).

IMG_6836Whether you are in the mood for breakfast or lunch, Vero Moderne has something to satisfy everyone’s cravings that uses quality ingredients sourced from local producers. There is a selection of eggs benedict (their signature brunch dish) or a passion fruit french toast brûlée for those looking for something sweet to start their day. They also offer Italian and French inspired dishes like sweet potato gnocchi, house-made meatballs and a seafood paella risotto for those looking for a more lunch-centric meal.

The husband went with Vero’s Traditional ($17.50) which consisted of natural bison sausage with cherry tomatoes, 2 poached eggs topped with shoestring potatoes, a fresh-baked croissant with house made marmalade and a side of greens.

IMG_6834After reading several rave reviews online, I went with one of their eggs benedict ($18.95), a fresh-baked puff pastry topped with greens, several strips of candied wild boar bacon, jumbo prawn, soft poached organic egg and drizzled with their hand whipped hollandaise sauce. The small mound of golden shoestring potatoes adds a nice crunch to contrast the delicate creamy egg beneath it.

IMG_6835Although it took slightly longer to receive our drinks, our entrees came out lightning fast. The 50-seat restaurant was probably about 1/3 full at the time we arrived and our dishes had arrived within 10 minutes of us ordering.

Overall impression: Vero Moderne Bistro offers a nice variety on their menu and an eggs benedict that is worth coming back for. The service was friendly and our meals came out in a timely manner. The patio is not as nice as Parc’s and doesn’t offer much people watching opportunities, but good if you want to be out in the sunshine. They do take reservations, so its great if you are not a fan of long weekend brunch lineups.

Drawbacks? Parking in Kensington can be tricky sometimes and the patio very small (only seat 8) and is facing a high traffic street which can be distracting at times.

Vero Moderne Bistro  |  209 10th street NW  |  Breakfast/Lunch served Tue-Fri from 10am-2pm  |  Brunch Sat-Sun from 10am-2pm

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