{Little of my Lately and Golden Pretzel Nuggets}

Spinning – I tried a real class for the first time back in September due to a running injury and ever since I have been HOOKED! The classes are based on the ever popular SoulCycle in the States. The ambience, bumping dance beats and the high energy instructors are such a great motivator and push … Continue reading

{Recipe: Meyer Lemon Blueberry Muffins with Candied Ginger}

A little of my lately.. I’ve incorporated barre workouts into to my fitness routine since February (going about 5-6 times/wk) and have noticed changes in my body that I haven’t been getting from my other workouts including more tone on my arms and shoulders and slimming of my thighs (which is a huge plus since … Continue reading

{Little of my lately and my favourite summer tartine}

One of the things I look forward to in the summer is hiking. The great thing about living in Calgary is that we’re less than an hour away from lots of great trails. It’s not unusual to see some mountain sheep along the way.. For our first hike of the year, we visited an “oldie … Continue reading

{Checkup on my 2011 goals and how I get back on track after the holidays}

With the new year comes the annual check up on my 2011 resolution/goals I had set for myself this time last year. Here is a recap of the list  and how I did: 1. Set new personal records in all three race categories A combination of terrible weather conditions (Calgary Policeman’s Half) and my reoccurring IT band injury … Continue reading

{Day 3 & 4: Marathon Sunday, Incanto, Pizzeria Delfina and Locanda}

The day had finally arrived. Marathon Sunday! 16 weeks of hard work has led to this…omg, it’s finally here! I had set my alarm for 5am that morning, put on my race outfit and pinned on my full marathon bib. I nervously snacked on a banana and half of a dried out Starbucks bagel I … Continue reading