{Date night at Model Milk and THE best oatmeal cookies yet}

Hello all! I was looking back in my drafts folder and came across this restaurant review that I had been meaning to put up awhile ago and totally forgot about. (I know..slacker..).┬áSo without further adieu.. For date night a few weeks ago, me and the boy decided to check out the hip and new hot … Continue reading

{Recipe: Warm Apple Cranberry Spice Kuchen w/ Cinnamon Whipped Cream}

Happy New Years Eve everyone! Hope you all are staying cozy where ever you are. It’s a chilly -17 degrees celsius here in cowtown and what better way to warm myself than to bake a nice winter inspired cake. Our fridge is a little sparse…a small container of cranberries and a bag full of sweet … Continue reading

{Holiday Cookie #5: Vanilla Bean and Peppermint Oreos}

Only a couple more days till christmas, I hope you all have your xmas shopping done. I remember last year I was in the mall on christmas eve getting last-minute gifts..not fun.. So before I present to you my 5th recipe in my holiday cookie series. I wanted to show you a couple of things … Continue reading

{Holiday Cookie #2: Gingeriest Ginger Molasses Cookies}

Lately I’ve been having mad cravings for gingerbread. I bought a stack of gingerbread men at the Wilde Grainz Bakery on Sunday and they were gone in a day and a half! So to prevent me from buying another stack, I thought I’d make my own batch at home..which brings me to my holiday cookie … Continue reading

{Recipe: Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Vegan Almond Currant Chocolate Cookies}

Just because you have food allergies/intolerances doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a delicious chocolate cookie…I baked a small batch of these almond currant chocolate cookies for a co-worker of mine who is leaving to pursue a new job. I feel bad that he was not able to enjoy all the goodies I bring in to … Continue reading