{Recipe: Baked NYC’s Root Beer Chocolate Cake – Two Ways}

This past week me and the boy celebrated Thanksgiving with THREE turkey dinners in a row. This meant some extra time at the gym, clothing with some breathing room and plenty of baking in my kitchen. As I browsed through my notebook of “things to make”, I came across a recipe that had caught my … Continue reading

{Earl Grey Chocolate Cakes w/ Lavender Caramel Ganache & Blackberries}

Hi everyone, Sorry for the prolonged absence from the blog. I’ve been in the midst of packing up/unpacking and getting settled into our new home. Moving is an absolute pain in the butt, but it’s a great way to sort and discard/donate clutter in my life. Which is especially important when you’re living in a … Continue reading

{Recipes: Meyer Lemon & Lavender Love}

My eyes lit up when I opened up my grocery box and pulled out a bag full of these beauties.. Beautiful bright yellow meyer lemons… Meyer lemons are native to China and are thought to be a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. The citrus is very fragrant and the skin is a … Continue reading

{Beauty faves and a “Better for You” Cranberry Almond Streusel Coffee Cake}

Today I thought I’d change it up and talk about my favourite beauty products I’m lovin’ lately. Sorry dudes…this one is kinda aimed at the ladies.. If you’re looking for the recipe, feel free to scroll down. I am a makeup/skincare fanatic. Don’t even ask me how much I spend at Sephora..Let’s just say I … Continue reading

{Recipe: Warm Apple Cranberry Spice Kuchen w/ Cinnamon Whipped Cream}

Happy New Years Eve everyone! Hope you all are staying cozy where ever you are. It’s a chilly -17 degrees celsius here in cowtown and what better way to warm myself than to bake a nice winter inspired cake. Our fridge is a little sparse…a small container of cranberries and a bag full of sweet … Continue reading