{Weekend Recap & Recipes: Spicy Bacon Rosemary Caramel Corn & Gingerbread Cookies with Lemon Curd Buttercream}

6 things from this past weekend: 1/ Morning view from my new abode 2/ Front cover of the Valentine’s card from the boy (that sits on my night table) 3/ Indulging in some red vino at Meet (the lounge side of the popular vegetarian restaurant, The Coup) on date night 4/ Browsing antique shops on Saturday … Continue reading

{Dining in: Duo of salads and C&G’s bamboo coconut rice pudding}

The warm weather has got me craving salads. Colourful ones with a variety of flavours and textures. And of course you gotta have some bacon there. Bacon makes everything taste better. I made these recipes up with what I bought at the market and had in the fridge, here’s what was in the mix: Broccoli florets (cooked … Continue reading

{Dining in: Tuna potato cakes w/ fresh corn salsa and peanut butter oatmeal coconut cookies}

On my walks home from the gym, I usually ponder what to make for dinner…tonight I was inspired by a cod and potato dish I had at L’Epicurie awhile ago. Clean and peel the skin off 2 russet potatoes and chop into 1/2 inch chunks. Put into a pot of boiling water till tender and … Continue reading

{Dining in: Huevos Rancheros brunch and Monday night feast at moms}

I’m not usually one to go to the mall theatres to watch movies (I always end up next to the guy who falls asleep snoring, in front of someone who kicks my seat or seated by the person with the uncontrollable cough..ick). But we had to make an exception for Inception to see all the … Continue reading

{Dining in: Pork salad rolls and Bacon jalapeno corn muffins}

Last night while cleaning out my cupboards, I found a package of rice wrappers and rice vermicelli which only means one thing.. vietnamese salad rolls. I first julienned some veg I had in the fridge: zucchini, green onion, carrots and red pepper. I also cooked up a pork chop that I had finely sliced and marinated in soy, sesame oil, … Continue reading